68 Cats Saved in Tennessee

68 Cats Saved in Tennessee

According to the Animal Rescue Corps, a family home in Tullahoma, Tennessee was hoarding no less than 68 cats crowded in very unsafe conditions and the pets were finally rescued. Currently they are in no danger and the pets are looking for new owners.

A Rescue Operation

The Tullahoma Department of Animal Control along with the Animal Rescue Corps collaborated in this rescue initiative which was called “Operation Nine Lives”. The owner of the property said that she took in a few homeless cats four years ago and they continued to multiply.

The place where they were kept was typical for animal hoarding conditions according to the Animal Rescue Corps and the cats had signs of upper respiratory infections due to the elevated level of ammonia. Other conditions were also seen in some of the cats such as bladder infections or infections of the eyes and parasites.

Safe From Harm

The cats have been housed in Lebanon at the moment and have underwent veterinary examinations along with the appropriate vaccinations and the medical treatment that is required for the ones with serious problems. Daily care is ensured until the animals can be placed with shelters or rescue organizations that will help the pets find new homes.

Not an Isolated Incident

Sadly this isn’t the only case that happens and, although there are specific laws against this, many cases still occur. In one case 306 cats were removed from a home and 87 of them have been dead for some time. The corpses have been embedded in the living room furniture and in the chimney.

The effect it has on the poor animals can be severe as most hoarders fail to provide them with basic care and this leads to disease or even death. Overcrowding makes spreading diseases much easier and the same is true for parasites.

The most common condition is malnourishment that can lead to starvation. This causes the animals to become more aggressive and they can even start to eat one another in desperate situations. Veterinary attention is usually ignored and the diseases that the pets get can become a threat for the entire area, not only for themselves.

The effects of hoarding can have lasting consequences on the personality of the animals involved and we can only hope that this kind of behavior will be put to an end in the future. Animal Rescue Corps published a list of shelter and rescue placement partners that they have on their Facebook page in case you are interested in adopting one of these cats so check them out there.

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