Are spike dog collars cool?

Today, spike dog collars seem to be the latest trend. If you were to ask why a dog owner chose to buy a spike collar, you’d probably receive varying answers.

The most popular answers are: fashionable, spoiling their dog; they make their dog stand out, showing off their dog’s toughness or it increases their master’s macho image.

Spike collars may displays a unique bond between an owner and his dog. Also, if you’re a celebrity or have a lot of money it could represent wealth. Since many of these collars can be handmade and have real diamonds, it stands to reason why some dog owners buy them.

There are many accessories on the market today to spruce your dog up. These vary from colorful harnesses, leads, posh coats, snazzy dresses or suits, booties and yes even sunglasses.

I have known owners to buy cheap leads and collars. After a few months of use, they tend to snap. Clasps as equally important as the collar and lead. Cheap leads, collars and clasps work together, if one is inferior to the other, there will be a weak link.

Weak links in the system can become loose and the dog can become unattached. This is very dangerous if you’re walking on a main road as accidents can happen, as one of neighbors experienced.

The bonus for buying spike collars or any leather collar is there sturdiness and strength, they will definitely make it easier for you to train your dog. They will never let you down.

Have you owned a long lasting weaved dog collar or sometimes known as a lupine collar? They are not as durable as leather and it is likely they will not last, you may find you’ll have to replace them frequently.

The misconception of spike dog collars

spike dog collars

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Many years ago, these types of spike dog collars were bought for protection. Their main purpose was used for the war. They made the dog look fierce and ready for battle and the spikes served as a preventative rather than fashion. When a dog engaged in battle against another dog, their spikes served to protect their throats from being ripped out.

A spike collar is not a prong dog collar, but is a collar that punks (no disrespect) often wear around their necks as a fashion statement.

Sometimes these collars have little decorated spikes or even false pretty diamonds (real if you’re wealthy).

Some dog owners buy them because it’s ‘so called’ fashionable, it is believed that the thick heavy leather helps with training.

How to make spike dog collars suppler

One drawback to some types of leather is their stiffness, some can be incredibly stiff to the point of hurting your dog. There is a way around this and that is to make the collar suppler.

Even if you don’t like spikes, plain leather is a good option for your dog.

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To overcome leather stiffness, saturate and soak all leathers in sunflower oil overnight, in the morning throw the oil away (down the toilet not the sink) and wipe the leathers down with a dry cloth until they’re not slippery any more.

This will condition the leathers, make them supple and flexible. You can recondition the leathers any time thereafter when needed or rub them down with some heavy body cream such as dyprobase.

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