Avoderm dog food benefits – The complete review

Avoderm dog food aim for quality and profess an all-natural food. This company has been established since 1982, most of their ranges deserve a four-star rating. Avoderm dog food was born because the owner of the company wanted to help dogs with skin and coat sensitivities.

Their statements are conflicting because some of their ranges begin with wheat, which is toxic to dogs. Additionally, some of the their dog food contains  peas and pea flour, which can be seen as protein boosters and fillers; moreover, their food contains white rice and oat flour.

The ranges that include these type of ingredients barely make it past the two or three-star rating. For more information about to avoid in dog foods check out ‘Dog food ingredients debunked‘.

Wheat and gluten are extremely hard on a dogs stomach. For dogs and for humans, wheat and gluten can cause allergies, stomach upsets and for some humans, it can be life threatening.

For further reading checkout Getting to grips with dog food allergies – Many dogs aren’t allergic to foods; they are more often than not intolerant.The most common allergies for dogs usually stem from dog foods. Would you know what to look out for?

Before buying any brand, I urge you to always check the label. Avoderm has only one formula that has a four-star rating, all their other ranges rate two to three-stars.

Avoderm dog food quality

Avoderm dog food offers an array of ranges for a variety of sized dogs. Avoderm dog food packages are currently offered in 4.4lb, 15lb, 22lb, 26 lb and 30lb bags, this is dependent upon which formula you want to buy.Avoderm dog food

Avoderm dog food has a new impressive dried food called Triple Protein Meal Formula, this is one of their better ranges.

I would rate this five-stars, but because the second ingredient is rice, it’s four-stars only. The protein content in this range is 26%, which is quite low. At present, this is their best formula.

Triple Protein Meal Formula is not gluten-free, and it doesn’t stipulate the percentages alongside each of the ingredients. The good thing about this formula is that it doesn’t begin with fresh or raw meat weight; it actually starts with chicken meal and has other named meat meals.

Avoderm dog food has produced a grain-free range. Initially, when you begin reading the ingredients, it looks promising. However, looks are deceiving, as their salmon range starts with peas; it’s not gluten-free and contains pea flour. The red meat formula begins with beef, which is better.

Named meat meal is by far the best; consequently, if the label states 25% chicken meat meal, it will certainly have that amount.

Fresh meat during the drying process can lose nearly 80% of its water. Of course that is dependent upon the quality of the meat.

Have you ever roasted a cheap chicken and a free range or an organic chicken and then calculated how much water came out of them? It’s the difference between a quarter of a cup to almost one liter of fluid.

Avoderm offers a vegetarian line, giving your dog this type of food should only be given to your dog under veterinary supervision as dogs are naturally carnivores. Check out Is vegetarian dog food advisable?‘, here your will find out what the advantages and disadvantages are to this diet.

Avoderm dog food recalls

On September 11th, 2012 Avoderm announced their Natural Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Adult Dog Formula in their 26lb bags only. Their Best Before dates are August 28th, 2013, August 29th, 2013 and August 30th, 2013.

The recall is down to a possible Salmonella contamination.

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Should you have a complaint please view Consumer Complaint Coordinators for the correct telephone number.

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