Best dog flea treatment preventatives

The best dog flea treatment preventative is natural, however, natural products can sometimes be ineffective during flea epidemic seasons. Some people prefer to use totally natural while others use OTC chemically based products or prescription. We should not wait until our dogs have fleas before using a dog flea treatment, it’s unfair to dogs.

Personally we prefer natural preventatives as much as possible. We give our dog Kaba and our other fostered dogs quality brewers yeast and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. Those two products are natural preventatives; however, during spring we consistently give Frontline due to flea epidemics at that time of year.

Common sense is paramount during our walks, we routinely avoid bracken, brier and very long grass, these are some of the biggest flea culprits. We’re pleased to say, none of our dogs have suffered with fleas or had any skin disorders.

Before moving straight onto the types of products on the market, we should understand what the signs, symptoms and cycle of fleas.

Before administering dog flea treatment

Mature female adult fleas lay eggs in batches of approximately 20 in one go. They lay their eggs on the host but more often than not the eggs fall onto the ground. These little creatures are big jumpers; some dog fleas can jump up to 100 times their own body length.

Once latched on to a host, they multiply quite rapidly by laying approximately 50 eggs per day and around 1500 during her life span of 14 days to a year. Dog fleas are somewhat tiny and can be seen by the human eye. They are oval, and their colors are gray, brown or white. This sequence is in order of:

  • 1st Flea Egg
  • 2nd Flea Larvae
  • 3rd Flea Pupa
  • 4th Flea Adult

The cycle then begins to repeat itself.

A healthy dog should not catch fleas; fleas hate dogs with a strong immune system.

Tough immune systems fight and ward of fleas, worms and all types of other infections.

  • Allergies
  • Scratching and excessive itching
  • Blood loss
  • Hair loss
  • Skin lesions
  • Raised red bumps
  • Death in a venerable dog or puppy
  • Diseases such as Myxomatosis, this originates from rabbits

Surviving the flea epidemic

Always use flea treatment for your dogs, never use cat flea products as they could seriously harm or kill your dog. Frontline suggest every month, but this may be too excessive. Regularly administering OTC chemicals could suppress your dogs immune flea treatment

Fleas can give a dog tapeworm and they can survive for long periods of time in a dog’s body before we’re even aware. Furthermore, it is possible for most of them to transfer to humans.

Fleas can survive and rest quietly on the ground without a host for months. The key is to not take your dog for walks in brier, bracken and long grass during dog flea seasons, which usually begins from spring to the beginning of winter.

Should you find fleas on your dog, it is important to treat your home as well as your dog. At this point, natural treatments are ineffective at nuking fleas within hours. Natural dog flea treatment do work but can take a few days or even weeks. It’s wise to use the strongest dog flea treatment; Advocate from your vet would be one of the best choices this will irradiate fleas and worms all in one go, which is what you need.

An alternative dog flea treatment to Advocate is Flea Away Powder by Only Natural Pet. This has very good reviews, and is inexpensive considering it’s all natural; it is 100% safe for your dogs, and is harmless to humans. This powder kills the fleas, eggs and larvae. You can see results in two to three days by applying it onto your dog’s skin and anywhere in the home.

To combat fleas in the home and prevent further breakouts, thoroughly vacuum and clean beds, rugs, drapes, carpets, sofas and those tiny corners etc. Once the fleas are nuked, it is safe to resume treating your dog with natural preventatives again.

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