Best treatments for dog anxiety

Dog anxiety is a real problem and it can be very distressing. We feel for our dogs, their pain, their suffering and it also hurts us to see them afflicted. Lots of things can cause anxiety for our dogs just as it can for us humans. Anxiety is treatable either by using prescription or natural medicine; however, these do not cure the root of the problem.

This is not to say medication shouldn’t be used, quite the contrary; they can help to calm our dogs when necessary. For example, they could be used for rehabilitation, training days, fireworks, being left alone etc.

Treating dog anxiety naturally

Many anxieties are a result of pampering our dogs when we shouldn’t. Our furry friends should be given treats and attention when they are in a calm state of mind. Dogs also need to understand boundaries and one of those is learning to be crated. Check out The secrets behind dog crate training for more information on getting to grips with this idea.

Some signs of dog anxiety are defecating, urinating, salivating, excessive barking, jumping, clingy, whining, howling, over excitability, destructive, runs around like a lunatic and more. I would encourage you to check out this related article Solutions to separation anxiety in dogs to give yourself a better idea of signs and anxiety

We humans need to be patient and calm during any training, rehabilitation or in everyday situations. This is the key for our dogs overcoming dog anxiety; generally, our dogs are what we are.

We need to understand that we can’t give our dogs rewards when their behavior is unacceptable, or we don’t want them to do something specific. To deal with dog anxiety, we need to nurture new habits in us in order to empower our dogs with new mannerisms.

There are various ways of treating dog anxiety naturally; however, if the anxiety is really serious, a trip to your vet is probably the best option. It’s always wise to check that there isn’t an underlying illness looming, particular if the problem wasn’t there before.

If you’re leaving the house for an hour or so, make sure your dog has plenty to do, fill a Kong with some delicious treats inside. The food needs to be challenging to remove, frozen foods can make it more difficult.

Record an hour’s worth of your voices and leave it on repeat.

Music to calm your canine companion; Through a Dog’s Ear by Joshua Leeds is very good.

The valerian herb is very soothing for dog anxiety.

Pet Naturals of Vermont, Calming, For Small Dogs. We have used these with excellent results especially when you know your neighbors are using fireworks or something similar.

Thundershirts are an excellent choice to calm dogs down.

Bach Pet Rescue Remedy is also very good natural calmer.

Adaptil, D.A.P (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) Collar. These are very good, but you do have to buy them every four weeks, which work out very expensive.

Give your dog lots of sleeping and relaxing space.

Let your dog know what is expected of him.

Teach him commands.

Try changing your dogs food to a higher quality.

Encourage your dog to play with his own toys.

Use cues for dog anxiety; for example, once you’ve put your boots on, delay venturing out or walk around with your keys once and a while or make a cup of coffee, put your feet up etc. Throughout the day, crate your dog and reward.

Occasionally pick up the dog leads, put them on your dog for fifteen minutes and then take them off. By doing this you are enabling your dog to be accepting and are creating new habits. This might sound silly, but exercise is a big plus in dealing with many anxieties even in us humans. This is a win-win stress reliever, not only does your dog benefit we will also.

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