Blind Cat Amazes Everyone When Opening His Eves

Blind Cat Amazes Everyone When Opening His Eyes

Cotton the cat was a mess when someone took pity on him and tried to offer him some shelter. He was quite sick, had mange and the eyes were so crusted over they he couldn’t open them at all, making the poor cat unable to see anything.

Cotton’s Tale

A homeowner in Royal Palm Beach, Florida found Cotton in this deplorable condition and wanted to offer some help. He couldn’t adopt the cat but still wanted to do something so he contacted Carmen Weinberg from the Animal Friends Project in Florida, a nonprofit organization focusing on helping animals.

“He had been walking outdoors completely blind” remembers Weinberg and she was the one who came up with the name Cotton. Aside from the problems we mentioned already, when the cat was brought to the vet serious dehydration and malnourishment were also noticed. The poor cat thought seemed happy because someone actually cared about him so “he purred the whole time they were examining him”.

The visit to the vet was just the first step, as the treatment was going to take a while and as this whole odyssey began in September it was only in December that the fur of the cat was back as it should be. The beautiful white coat made Cotton quite a handsome tomcat and when he was finally able to open his eyes everyone got a shock.

Blind Cat Amazes Everyone When Opening His Eyes

An Affectionate Cat

One other surprise was the fact that Cotton had a microchip so that meant that someone owned the cat at one time. It was difficult to find out who the previous owner was but Weinberg managed to do this. When contact was established the previous owner said he disappeared a while ago and thus there was no intention of taking the cat back.

This means that this gorgeous cat is now up for adoption and a quiet home is probably all he desires now after all the events he has been through. It saddens us to think that someone went though the effort of having the cat microchipped but then didn’t even bother to find out where the poor cat was, leaving him to go through all that terrible pain.

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