Blue Buffalo dog food – The complete review

Blue Buffalo Dog Food is a company based in the U.S. This food is of high quality, they claim their ingredients are like no other manufacturers. This brand is rated five-stars, read on to find out why. You will not find anything toxic within their formulas, I highly recommend Blue Buffalo.

The Blue Freedom and Blue Wilderness are 100% grain-free, these two formulas are the ones to splash your money on.

Some of Blue Buffalo dog food ranges contain barley, oats and rice. Any dog foods containing grains is usually considered a four-star rating. Furthermore, a quantity of their ranges contains flax seeds, this is known to negatively affect hormones levels by increasing estrogen.

On the brighter side, Blue Buffalo dog food has been carefully dehydrated, this form of cooking is vital to protecting nutrients.

Dehydration retains the potency of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which savors the oxidative levels in a dog’s body, and builds a healthy and balanced immune system.

Protein levels In Blue Buffalo dog food

Protein is the most important factor in a dog’s diet, and Blue Buffalo appear to understand this concept. Protein creates building blocks for cell regeneration, healthy maintenance, repairing the body and to generate energy.Blue Buffalo dog food

Blue Buffalo’s protein is high quality with the primary ingredient being de-boned named meat. Furthermore, there are other named meat meals included not just one.

The primary ingredient however, has been weighed from fresh. This means that the protein content could be much less than is stated on the label. During the drying process, as much as 80% of water is lost.

The average protein in their formulas varies from approximately 24% to 38%; this is quite average compared to other brands on the market. Consider Acana or Orijen, which has higher amounts of protein and have a five-star rating.

All the ingredients found in Blue Buffalo dog food are ecologically sourced, this company clearly cares for your dog’s nutrition and intake.

Once the food has been prepared and dried they add friendly bacteria to the surface, this encourages a good digestive system and encourages a healthier immune system.

Blue Buffalo’s grain free is their Freedom Range and the ingredients are finest.

Blue Buffalo dog food quality

Blue Buffalo offers an array of exceptionally good quality ranges for a variety of sized dogs. Their packages are available in various sizes depending upon which range and formula you buy.

As you can see there is a wide variety to select, there better range is Blue Wilderness, these formulas are classed as five-stars. Blue Wilderness contains higher amounts of protein.

Use their canned range sparingly as to avoid aluminium overload.

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