Brothers Ozzy and Butter Reunited through Couple’s Romance

Brothers Ozzy and Butter Reunited through Couple’s Romance

The brothers Ozzy and Butter are two adorable kittens who got separated when they were young since Cathleen Cavin only had room for one cat in her home and decided Ozzy was her choice. It is just as sad when two pet siblings get separated as it is when two humans do so fate took care to bring these two brothers back together in the end.

An Impossible Promise

The story started in 2014 when Cathleen adopted Ozzy from the small city of Petaluma, California but right away she felt guilty for separating him from his other siblings. The problem was that the other brother wasn’t in that shelter so even if she would want to adopt both that wasn’t a possibility.

She went there with her daughter and made a promise to try to find the kitten’s brother although they had no idea where to look for them. “I felt horrible. Who makes a promise like that? Needles in a haystack (is what) I was telling her I was going to find” said Cathleen for CBS.


Cathleen couldn’t find the cat but two years later she met Brian Herrera on a dating website and they got along really well. One thing they also had in common was their love for cats and when Cathleen got to Brian’s home she noticed that his cat looked exactly as Ozzy.

She didn’t know what to think, was she crazy, how was it possible for Ozzy to be there or what were the chances for two cats to look so similar?! Brian introduced the confused Cathleen to Butter and since the cats really seemed to be related they went to check the shelter records.

Brothers Reunited

After checking the records things seemed to match and it looked like the two were the long-lost brothers. Obviously Cathleen and Brian wanted to see how they would react when seeing one another. “My first thought was, I hope the cats get along together, they’ve been separated for 3 years! But, they are, so that’s good.”

They decided to move together the next month, the cats and the really odd twist of fate was all the incentive they needed. It is quite amazing to see the two cats getting back together under such circumstances and the chances of that happening are indeed “needles in a haystack” as Cathleen thought.

Brian and Cathleen finally moved together as they realized that they had many other things in common as well and the cats have finally been reunited after three years of separation. “With so much in common, it’s just bizarre and then to have our cats be brothers… it’s total destiny. Yeah, it’s Fate, “ said Cathleen.

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