Cat and Baby Rhino Are Best Friends

Cat and Baby Rhino Are Best Friends

Even if these two species are extremely different, they managed to become friends through their similar life circumstances. Many of us think that there are animals who don’t get along with one another such as cats and dogs or many other combinations but generalizations are quite a bad idea as there are so many exceptions. Let us find the story of how a cat and baby rhino are best friends and perhaps you will see that animals aren’t as simple as some might think.

Mewie and Nandi

Nandi was a scared rhino baby who just lost her mother to poachers and the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation rescued her from a similar fate. She was taken to the Rhino Orphanage in Limpopo, South Africa and it was here that she met the ginger Tabby cat called Mewie.

The two quickly became friends, which isn’t a surprise if you know how gentle rhino babies actually are. Jamie Traynor, a caretaker at the orphanage said that “Mewie loves to follow me around the orphanage, so whenever I’m with Nandi he comes with me. Their friendship began when we started sleeping in the room with Nandi.”

Two Orphans

Mewie was also an orphan so they had something to relate to, both felt the need for care and attention so they decided to help each other in that direction. They started taking walks twice each day and they are now inseparable. As Jamie Traynor says: “The two of them love their afternoon walks and when one of them runs the other always follows”.

Raising Awareness

Cats are curious by nature and thus it didn’t take Mewie long to see that the rhino, who was several times larger than her, posed no threat. The largest herbivores on the planet, rhinos are quite docile when they are young but their number keeps decreasing due to poachers.

Many rescue organizations exist to help with this problem but things don’t seem to be improving too quickly so any aid is welcomed. Without an organization like the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation the life of Nandi would have probably ended abruptly and sadly this isn’t an isolated case.

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