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Cat Enrichment Tips

Cat Enrichment Tips

The wellbeing of your pet is really important and to have this taken care of we though that there are some essential steps you can take. This guide should be great for the owners that already covered the obligatory steps such as having the pet microchipped, established a good diet for the cat and set up regular veterinarian visits.

Interactive Toys

Keeping your cat occupied is important for their health and nowadays you have a lot of options when it comes to toys. The laser pointers are always fun for them and you should allow them to catch that point from time to time to maintain their interest. Other toys that are a great idea are fabric strips or wands but a single visit to a pet store should give you plenty of options for every budget.

Self-Play Toys

These will ensure that cats have fun even when you don’t have too much time to interact with your pet. Cats actually love to explore and hide so a simple cardboard box might prove to be a lot of fun for them. If you want toys that provide a longer fun duration then using catnip is the best choice. Putting some in a yarn or filling a ball with some will allow them to play without the need for your supervision.

Food Puzzles

A combination between interactive and self-play toys are the food puzzles which you can build yourself or buy from a pet store. Since they promise the reward of a tasty treat, cats will really love playing with these after the first result.

Just make sure that the challenge rating is appropriate for your cat, since if they become too frustrated they will start ignoring the puzzle, whereas if it is too simple they will eat too much. If you don’t want to invest too much money a puzzle in the form of a scavenger hunt can be devised and it will allow you to take part in the fun as well.

Aromatherapy For Cats

Cats have a keen smell and they love new things so you can give them new scents to explore that will put their mind to work. Catnip is obviously the most well known choice but allow them to try other smells as well so as not to become bored. You should however do some research to make sure that each one you choose is safe for them.

Teaching Your Cat Tricks

Cats can also be trained, not just dogs, but it will probably take a lot more patience from your part. Among the most efficient methods proven is the clicker method and even if you start with really simple actions you might grow to love this interaction and move on to more complicated things. Many persons think that cats are impossible to train and this is a great way to prove them wrong while at the same time creating a much stronger bond between you and your pet.

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