Cat Rescued From Giant Hole after a Year

Cat Rescued From Giant Hole after a Year

A cat went missing almost a year ago from his home in Denver and they found the cat only now at a distance of nearly 800 miles from their home at the bottom of a 25 feet hole. The way through which the poor cat ended up there remains a mystery and it was certainly difficult to track him in there.

The Story of Harvey

Harvey always loved the outdoors and was exploring the areas of Colorado. According to his owner Jackie Ewer “he thrived there. He was kind of king of the block. Came home every night to sleep.” The cat came from the Adopt a Barn Cat program and he was about four years old when he got adopted, staying with the family for a year before he went missing.

Harvey was missing for around eight months when someone found him on a construction site in Highland Park, Dallas and it took the crew six hours to remove him from the deep hole where he was hiding or he fell. Obviously, he was full of mud and quite scared but overall he was in a good shape.

“I wish he could talk. That would be such a fun story to see what has he been up to for the last eight months”, Ewer said. It was certainly hard to believe when the phone called and the Dallas Animal Services was on the other line saying that they have Harvey.

A long Journey Home

“I don’t know how it’s possible you have my cat because I live in Colorado. I’m surprised, but at the same time if any cat would have some crazy adventure, it would be Hervey. He’s very funny,” recalls Ewer saying. Of course she is now planning to head to Dallas and pick their cat up.

The Dallas Animal Services managed to find the previous owners of Harvey thanks to the microchip he had because otherwise it is quite clear that he wouldn’t have found his way home. Ewer said in an interview for The Denver Channel: “I don’t know if he like, got on a truck somewhere and it took off and he somehow had some adventure all the way down there. I have no idea. It is so bizarre to me.” We have to agree that this is quite bizarre but we are just glad the poor cat will get back home safe and will probably think twice from now on about exploring moving vehicles.

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