Cat Returned After a 2000km Journey Thanks to Microchip

Cat Returned After a 2000km Journey Thanks to Microchip

There are many benefits to using a cat collar but a microchip is the best choice currently as it allows you to keep constant watch over your cat. If you don’t believe us, check out this amazing story in which a cat returned after a 2000km journey thanks to a microchip.

The Story of Chino

Chino is a cat that went missing for ten days from his home in Collingwood, Australia and this time it wasn’t just one of those moments when the poor cat got stuck in the nearest tree. The law officers were alerted and they managed to track down the cat even after the owners lost all hope of seeing their beloved pet again.

As the councilor Adam Belot said:

“I’m happy to report he will soon be safely back home with his family tomorrow – including an ecstatic little girl who was heartbroken over her missing best friend. We’re still not sure how he managed to travel more than 2000km in the 10 days he was missing, but we’re glad that there’s been a happy ending for this family. If there’s one thing this heart-warming story highlights, it’s get your animals micro chipped. That way if they ever goes missing, it gives you the best possible chance of finding them again.”

It is quite amazing how the cat managed to cover such a huge distance and the means through which he did that remain a mystery, but the essential thing is that the authorities managed to track Chino down in the end.

Free Micro Chipping Day

The story of Chino is a testament to the importance of having a tracking device for your pet and thus the Council where Adam Belot is a member decided to have a special event for promoting this idea. Not only that, but they also want to provide free micro chipping services for pets that are registered in Livingstone Shire!

This event will take place in May and in our opinion more communities should follow this example because it will benefit everyone. “I would encourage all pet owners to do the right thing and make sure they have their pet micro chipped and registered. As chino shows, it’s worth every cent if they go missing and gives them the best chance of coming home”, said Councillor Belot.

It might seem like a painful procedure to submit your pet to but the pain is actually similar to that of having blood drawn. Many animals don’t even flinch when it happens so you should put that worry aside and micro chip your pet since it just takes a few seconds to do so.

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