Cat Trapped Under a Car’s Hood for 230 Miles Survives

This story is so amazing that everyone who heard it thought it was just something invented since it is too farfetched to have actually happened. And indeed, it is quite extraordinary to say that a cat was trapped beneath a car for a journey of 230 miles and in the end managed to survive the experience. Cats are said to have nine lives but now 230!

Cat’s Curiosity

The main character of this spectacular ride is the ten year old Gumbo, a cat from Brooklyn. As is typical of cats, they are quite curious and like to explore their surroundings so one of the things that caught Gumbo’s attention was a Honda Odyssey minivan.

The cat started crawling beneath the car and ended up somewhere next to the engine block when the owner decided to go for a ride. Dana Esses, a 29-year-old mother of six, finally had some time for a vacation and was going upstate for a ski trip. The ride took three and a half hours and had a distance of 230 miles, a period through which she was hearing some strange noises from the engine.

A Surprise like No Other

Only after reaching her destination did she finally raise the hood to see where the noise was coming from. “It was a shock, to say the least. It found its way to a warm place. It wasn’t wedged or anything. It sort of peeked its little head out when my husband came over and then retreated back. It was incredible. It didn’t look injured at all.”

After the mutual surprise the family alerted the security guard at the lodge in Queensbury and he called the Warren County SPCA. It was difficult to find out who the cat’s owner was and thus the SPCA Director Jim Fitzgerald decided to try a different approach.

“He was really tucked in there. It looked like he’d been there a few days. There was hair everywhere. He was lethargic, but he fought me for a little bit. I could tell he wasn’t an Adirondack feral cat,” said Fitzgerald.

Social Media Aid

The director took some photos on his phone and posted a message on Facebook about the cat which quickly reached over 100,000 persons. The cat was reported missing in Lost and Found Pets in Brooklyn and the description was similar.

The owner apparently was Raven Huang who drove up to Queensbury and finally got his pet back. “We searched every night for a week and a half in the rain and snow. I was doubtful of finding him, but one person helping me find him was very hopeful and never gave up.”

We are glad Gumbo was well in the end and that he got back home safe. Probably in the future he will be less inclined to explore the city and hopefully the owner will try to use some kind of tracking collar to know where the pet is at all times.

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