Clarifying organic dog food myths

There are a minority of commercial brands that offer good quality organic dog food. Most are dry dog food with the exception of the odd one or two brands which are raw. Some organic dog food can be very poor quality. Many formulas don’t deserve to be considered healthy, since they contain toxic ingredients which offer very little substance for a dog.

Vegetarian Dog Food

Good organic food ought to give your dog more energy and strengthen your dogs’ immune system, but it just seems some brands are trying to take advantage of our us.

If you have the time and the money, raw dog food or home-cooked is a better option. I am referring to this option simply because commercial organic dog food can be very expensive. Preparing your own dog food could save you a small fortune. If that’s not an option (usually down to time constraints) try a quality dry dog food such as Orijen or Acana.

Although the majority of top-quality brands are not organic, these brands take great care what goes into their dog food. If organic dog food is your preferred option, I have recommended some brands here.

These top quality brands offer well-balanced, complete, nutritious, tasty and edible food. As a result, these types of foods could be edible for humans. No wonder these companies say our dogs will be full of vitality!

When a dog eats organic dog food or top of the range brands such as five-star plus, you’ll find your dog will be full of life. His bones will be strong; his stools will be solid; his eyes will shine; he will have energy, but not hyper; his immune system will be strong, and his fur will be soft, silky and shiny.

Furthermore, there is a strong possibility you’ll have fewer visits to the vet. As a result, you could end up saving yourself some money in the long run!

Demystifying organic dog food

Here are a couple of examples:

1. A supermarket brand called Burns has introduced a range with organic ingredients. These are organic rice, organic oats, organic barley, organic fish meal, organic sunflower oil, seaweed, mineral and vitamins.

This brands foundation is grains and cereal. There are insufficient nutrients for a dog to remain healthy and strong, unless it’s going to be a base to add meat, in this case it’s okay.

Burn’s price tag for this range is above average considering there is very little meat. This meal could easily be made at home with little effort.

2. Yarrah advertises their food as organic, here are their ingredients: Cereal (corn and wheat based), meat and animal by-products (23% chicken), oils and fat, and minerals.

The price tag for this brand isn’t as extortionate as the Burns. However, it’s too high for a dog food that contains nothing nutritious.

Is this really organic dog food?

Summary of organic dog food

Don’t be fooled euphemisms and great advertising, always check the brands label.

Grains are not bad for our dogs, but they ought to be whole and gluten free. In my humble opinion though, I do believe dogs thrive better without grains. If there are grains in your dogs food, make sure the percentage is lower than 26%. Furthermore, grains should never be the first ingredient.

If your considering organic dog food, the food should primarily contain organic ‘named’ meal or at the very least fresh organic meat.

Named meal is preferable and the meat should have been dehydrated. Additionally, the meat should be the first ingredient with other choice ‘named’ meats listed as the second and the third ingredient.

To understand dog food food terminology and to truly enlighten the way you think browse through our Dog food ingredients debunked, this article is a true eye opener.

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