Clear The Shelters Event Finds A Home For Over 45,000 Pets

Clear The Shelters Event Finds A Home For Over 45,000 Pets

The TV stations owned by NBC and Telemundo joined forces with almost 700 animal shelters throughout America and Puerto Rico to support the Clear the Shelters initiative and through them a huge number of pets found new owners in a single month!

The shelters offered adoptions at a reduced fee or for free and they also helped the families in search of a pet have their dream fulfilled. Dogs and cats were given new homes and even more exotic pets such as rabbits, parakeets or iguanas took part in this initiative.

Shelters Emptied

13 shelters have been completely emptied and the action quickly spread to Facebook where “Empty cages!” became a motto. The BARCS animal shelter in Baltimore was emptied in just six hours and eleven shelters from Dallas offered 2,894 animals for adoption to remain empty afterwards. All the kittens from the Stonington Animal Rescue Project also found new owners and the TV stations invited everyone to take part in this heartwarming event.

Joyous Stories

Among the pets that struggled to have a home was Rose, a dog that was flown to the Westchester County all the way from Turkey. Rose had some problems with walking properly since she suffered from a neurological syndrome but a man from Connecticut loved her right away and thus even a difficult case like Rose’s was solved with success. “She’s usually fine but every ten steps she might sway a little bit. She doesn’t let it stop her”, said the shelter director, “she’s just the most playful dog. She loves other animals, she’s great with kids.”

At the Muttville Senior Dog Rescue dogs prove to be a difficult sell most of the time since everyone loves puppies and these were older dogs. Jennifer Gonzalez knew that a senior dog requires just as much love and can actually be a better choice many times. Santana, a Yorkie mix aged 11 proved to be just the mellow dog she required.

At the same shelter even a terrier mix stray called Peggy Sue was adopted even though she had a broken leg. The caring home of Beth Martin, who already had three dogs and thus knew how to take care of them, welcomed Peggy Sue to Silicon Valley where she can have the love each pet deserves.

An Inspiration For Others

The previous year, this event offered homes to almost 20,000 animals and in 2016 that number was more than double so we can only hope that the Clear The Shelters initiative will expand even further as pets should have a proper life instead of suffering through living in shelters. Let everyone know about this event and help everyone find a pet that will make their days better!

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