Common Pet Parasites

Written by Jennifer Pitts

Your pets can have different parasites afflicting them throughout the year and during spring and summer these are especially frequent, so it is really important for you to know how to spot, prevent and treat them so here is our guide to the most common pet parasites.


These are the most common parasites that you can find on your dog or cat and they might even jump on you if you don’t take matters seriously. Once you have them into your home they are really hard to get rid of because they can live in your furniture, carpet or clothes.

Flea powder is the best way to eliminate them and when it comes to your pet there are strong shampoos designed specifically for the purpose of removing them. Even once you think you got rid of every one of them you should continue preventative treatment to avoid their return.


These can cause serious problems since they carry the Lyme disease and the Rocky Mountain spotted fever. You need to know how to recognize them because they might go unnoticed at first. They attach to the skin and grow larger after a while due to the blood they feed on.

If your pet went through grassy or wooded areas then you should comb your pet’s fur afterwards and in the meantime check for any ticks. If you find one you have to be careful when you remove it (a pair of tweezers are a good idea) so that you don’t leave the head stuck. Of course, the best thing is to go to the vet for this procedure.

There are flea and tick treatments available and they will kill any of these parasites before they do too much damage. Another way of preventing and serious problems is to have the pet vaccinated for Lyme disease each year.


Along with biting flies, these can be quite a nuisance for you and your pet and if you live in a wooded area or somewhere with a lot of water then you will probably see them often. Your pets can also catch diseases like the West Nile virus or Heartworm from mosquitoes so it is a good idea to keep them safe.

There are citronella torches available that will keep these pests away and if you spend time with your pet outdoors then they are a good prevention. Other insect repellents can be purchased and applied directly to your dog so they are even better.

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