Consumer guidelines: Complete 4 star dog food review

It’s all about getting to grips with what constitutes a 4 star dog food rating. Many different types of foods finds its way into commercial dog food. Often, some of these foods are not fit for human consumption. If you really knew the truth about what’s really in our dog’s food, then you probably wouldn’t want to buy it.

Any commercial dog food that rates low than four is not worth buying. A safe bet is to stick as close to 4 star dog food upwards.

The FDA does not provide consumers with any protection when buying dog food. It’s up to us to find out how safe and consumable it is.

I cover a lot of issues in ‘Dog food ingredients debunked‘, this article spells out how to be zealous.

Manufactures will go to great lengths to prove their brand is the best. These companies will use exaggerated claims, they’ll use words like premium, organic, gourmet and even natural, these words definitely don’t describe some brands.

TIP: Even if a brand is highly rated always read the label.

Determining 4 star dog food rating4 star dog food

The guidelines for 4 star dog food, manufacturers can add small amount of grains; however, more than twenty-six percent is not acceptable. It is beneficial for the food to contain vegetables and/or fruit, but not essential.

It would be great if the ‘named’ meat and eggs are from organic sources or even free range. However, if they’re not, they most definitely should be human grade for a 4 star dog food.

The meat ought to contain substantial amounts of ‘named meal’ such as chicken meal, lamb meal etc. Preservatives must be natural, and all ingredients must be from a reliable source.

Just because one brand sells one or two quality bags of dog food does not mean the rest of their foods are okay, the labels must always be read.

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