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Cool dog names are sometimes known as celebrity, famous, heroes, unusual, unique and much more. Our list of cool dog names have starred in movies, with celebrities, politicians, comics, fiction and non-fictional novels and much more. The name you choose ought to be appropriate and meaningful to you. We’ve all grown up with heroes that have at some point touched our heart with bravery, honor and heroism; who is your hero?

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We have thousands of names on our database, but if you don’t see your dog’s name, feel free to send us it HERE and we’ll be happy to add it. These cool dog names are to help you think about a quality name with a rich meaning. Whatever your choice, hopefully you’ll find that special name here.

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We guarantee 100,000′s of great names on our site, nothing here will be offensive or too difficult for your dog to understand. Additionally, if there isn’t a meaning, then it won’t be listed. Our names includes their origins, name meanings and gender and are considered for all types of dog breeds.

Charming cool dog names

Dog Names Gender Meaning Made Famous
Abraham Male Father of Many Ren and Stimpy
Ace Male Highest / Expert Batman’s Dog / Pet Detective
Angus Male One Choice Mr. Magoo
Argus Male Vigilant Guardian Familiar Strangers
Arwen Female Noble Maiden Firehouse Dog
Bear Male Strong Empty Nest
Beasley Male Meadow of Peas Turner and Hooch
Beau Male Handsome Iron Will
Beejay Male Handsome Jay Bird Inspector Rex
Beethoven Male Beetroot Farm Beethoven
Ben Male Son Homeward Bound
Bo Male Handsome President Barack Obama
Bob Male Bright Fame Twister / The Parent Trap
Breezy Female Carefree Star Trek Enterprise
Brinkley Male Brinca’s Field You’ve Got Mail
Buddy Male Good Friend Full House
Bully Unisex Unknown Harry Potter
Butkis Male To Exist Rocky l and ll
Carey Male Well Loved MacDonald Carey
Casey Female Vigilant/Brave Dr Doolittle
Chance Male Good Fortune Homeward Bound
Charlie Unisex Free man Hart to Hart
Checkers Male Game U.S. President R. M. Nixon
Clifford Male Cliff Ford Clifford The Big Red Dog
Codie Unisex Helper / Loyal The Lost Boys
Daddy Male Father Dog Whisper
Daphne Female Laurel Look Who’s Talking Now
Dino Male Spearman Eight Below
Dodger Male Dodging Oliver Twist
Dug Male Black Water Up
Duke Male Leader The Beverly Hillbillies
Edgar Male Protector For Better or Worse
Einstein Male Rock / Stone The Oliver Twist Book
Fang Female Fragrant Harry Potter
Floyd Male Grey Eight Below
Fly Male Soar Snow Dogs / Babe
Francis Male France Oliver Twist Book
Freddie Unisex Peaceful Ruler Back to The Future
Ginger Female Springlike / Flourishing Murphy Brown / Mariah Carey
Gloria Female Glory Snow Dogs
Goofy Male Goofy A Goofy Movie
Gromit Unisex Unknown Wallace and Gromit
Happy Unisex Happy Heart 7th Heaven
Hobo Female Gift The Littlest Hobo
Honey Female Honey Budweiser Adverts
Hooch Female Illicit / Outrageous Turner & Hooch
Hunter Male One who hunts Road Rovers
Jack Male God is Gracious Little House On The Prairie
Jip Unisex Derived from Gypsy Doctor Dolittle / Abraham Lincoln / David Copperfield
Koda Male The Allies Eight Below / Snow Dogs
Koko Female Coco Red Dog
Krypto Unisex Unknown Superman’s Dog
Lacey Female Cheerful Bingo
Lassie Female Young One Lassie Series
Lightning Unisex Flash of Lightning Eight Below
Lincoln Male Lake Settlement / Lake Colony Soccer Dog
London Male From London Littlest Hobo
Luath Unisex Speedy Incredible Journey
Mac Male Son Snow Dogs
Marley Unisex Pleasant Wood Marley and Me
Max Male Little Maximus The Mask / A Man’s Best Friend
Maya Unisex Illusion Eight Below
Milo Male Peaceful / Soldier The Mask
Misha Male Who Resembles God? To Die For
Moses Male Drawn out the Water From Meet The Fockers
Napoleon Male Sons of the Mist / A Race of Dwarves The Aristocrat
Nikki Female Victorious over people Wild Dog of The North
Noble Male High Born / Distinguished Eight Below
Nugget EFemale Associated with Gold The Parent Trap
Old Jack Male God is Gracious Eight Below
Oti Male Pilgrim Lassie Come Home
Perdita Female Lost Hundred and One Dalmatians
Pete Male Stone Our Gang
Phoebe Female Bright / Moon Wishbone
Pongo Male Unknown Hundred and One Dalmatians
Porthos Male Unknown Star Trek Enterprise
Prada Female Light / Glow / Shine Star Trek Enterprise
Reno Male Ruler with Counsel Top Dog
Rita Female Pearl / True / Righteous Oliver Twist
Ryan Male Little King Eight Below
Sammy Unisex His name is God Dr Doolittle
Scooper Male Stands and Look Back Snow Dogs
Skippy Male Unknown The Thin Man
Slinky Unisex Sleek / Graceful Toy Story
Slugger Male Strikes Hard Wishbone
Snobby Unisex Without Nobility Dumb Witness
Sparky Male To Scatter South Park
Speedy Male Rate of Travel Seinfeld
Spike Male Long / Heavy Nail Old Yeller
Spunky Male Lively Man Rocko’s Modern Life
Stinky Unisex Smell Dharma and Greg
Sweep Unisex Clearing Sooty Show
Tango Male Dance Bailey’s Billions
Terry Unisex Ruler of People Wizard of Oz
Timba Unisex Strong Wood Eight Below
Tinker Bell Female Short / Small Paris Hilton
Tramp Unisex Poor / Beggar Lady and the Tramp
Verdell Male Green As Good As It Gets
Windy Female Blustery / Breezy Star Trek Enterprise
Zeus Male Living Zeus and Roxanne
Zip Unisex Quick / Zippy Last of The Dogmen
Zoltan Male Sultan Hound of Dracula

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