Dog Abandoned at a Gas Station is Now Their Employee

Dog Abandoned at a Gas Station is Now Their Employee

A Shell gas station in Brazil had an unexpected surprise one day when they discovered a dog that was abandoned there. Since gas stations are usually crowded places and a dog can hinder the car flow through there, most owners would find one to be inconvenient but that wasn’t the case here. Not only did they adopt the dog but he is now their poster dog!

How the Story Started

Sometime during 2015 a gas station in Mogi das Cruzes was bought by Sabrina Planner and her partner and not soon after they found the dog standing there. The poor thing was very scared and didn’t have anywhere to go so they decided to offer him a home. The name they thought of was Negão and, when the gas station opened, they thought of a way in which the new family member can be of help to them.

“We adopted him immediately and got him all the care animals need. We took him to the vet to get vaccinated and de-wormed. We bought him food, a dog house, and a leash to take him on walks”, said the Planner couple.

The Grand Opening

As Negão wasn’t used to the bustle that would begin when the gas station opened, the couple was worried about his reactions but they wanted him to be a part of their team so they even made a special employee badge for him. In the end their worries proved unnecessary because Negão loved the attention.

“Negão waits for people to arrive, and then goes up to say hello, winning them over with his charms. Customers love him. Some people even bring him toys.” Of course, the dog is taken on walks for exercise and doesn’t have to do this job 24/7.

An Example for the Community

He became so popular in the area that the Grupo FERA charity decided to use him as their poster model for an initiative of theirs. As he proved such a great example, they began a project of pairing stray dogs with various businesses following the example of Negão. A spokesperson from Grupo FERA said: “It’s been sensational, encouraging people to have more respect for animals. And workers enjoy having the companionship of a 4-legged colleague.”

Many companies would benefit from an animal greeter and the dog would also gain a sense of purpose. As most dogs are such social creatures they actually require attention to thrive and at the same time, the customers will probably adore a cute looking dog that acts as their host when they are in a shop, gas station or other similar establishments.

We just hope that the people who abandoned such a wonderful dog realize what an amazing companion they lost.

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