Dog Considered “Too Crazy” Is Now a Therapy Dog

Dog Considered “Too Crazy” Is Now a Therapy Dog

The Cardigan Welsh corgi named Toffee was taken into a home as a puppy but was soon returned back to the shelter since the owners considered her to be “crazy, stubborn and out of control”. The same thing happened to the next owners and the ones after that, returning poor Toffee back for similar reasons.

A Problem Dog Or Problem Owners?

While waiting in the care of the Corgis & Critters Rescue in Kilgore, Texas, Toffee had the luck of finding a new adoptive family (the fourth one so far) and the rescue center didn’t try to hide the events that happened to the previous owners. That didn’t stop the family from adopting her and she joined their home which already had two more dogs and one more to come later.

Xin and her husband, the new owners of Toffee, were quite baffled when hearing that other families considered the corgi to be “out of control” since according to their own experience “she is by far the best behaved of all of our dogs”.

Improved Personality

According to the owners, Toffee isn’t the leader of the group, she prefers to let others take that role. This doesn’t mean that she lacks initiative, but she just chooses to have a different approach. Xin and her husband call her the Shadow Queen since she lays low most of the time.

The other three dogs get along with her just fine and two cats are a part of the family as well. Two weeks before adopting Toffee the family brought Peppermint into their home, a husky/corgi mix and the two are inseparable.

According to the owners Toffee is friendly with everyone and loves to cuddle so each time they tell their friends that she was returned three times they all have difficulties understanding why that happened.

City Dog

The noise and chaos in a large city can be a huge problem for dogs who haven’t adapted to that since they were young. That is the case with the other three dogs, Mocha, Chai and Peppermint but Toffee never seemed to mind the city.

Her experience there can even be considered indifferent and the owners recall she “is that dog that poops in the middle of the street while the traffic light is about to turn green. She’s done it three times. It can’t be all coincidence.”

Dog With People Skills

Since she loves to interact with other humans so much, the parents decided to take her to training to become a therapy animal and it was no surprise to them when she proved to be really skilled at this.

She inspired confidence and tranquility in others so now she is taken into libraries, airports or nursing homes to offer help to those who need it.

We consider her story a great example of how a little attention can really change the way your pet behaves. Perhaps the previous owners required a pet they could ignore but Toffee simply wanted to be a part of a family. Fortunately in the end she found a family that cared and a way to help others at the same time!

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