Dog Hero Takes a Bullet to Save His Family

Blue is an eight year old pit bull who showed how much he cared about his family when Nina Taylor and Leroy Buchanan were the victims of a violent home invasion. The couple rescued the abandoned dog from a local shelter two years ago and brought him into their home in Cobbs Creek, West Philadelphia.

Legal Protection

Taylor and Buchanan live in a neighborhood where the crime rate is extremely high. As Taylor described the situation: “All you got to be doing is letting one of your family members in or something and these [guys] come running down the street with guns. It’s crazy. So I said instead of doing the wrong thing that’s going to get me incarcerated, I’m going to go ahead and do it the legal way and get some protection.”

Blue stands out with the broad shoulders and a jaw line that is typical for pit bulls and the owners also added a spiked metal collar for even more intimidation. Of course, after a few days of getting to know one another the dog was extremely careful and loving to his new family.

A Tragic Event

On February the 13th Taylor just got back from the store and Buchanan was cooking breakfast as it was 10 a.m. and one of their acquaintances, – D.I. -, came knocking. When Taylor answered his leg was pushed through and the man was wearing a ski mask. He went over the railing and threatened the owner with a gun asking for the money.

Buchanan ran from the kitchen to the front door and screamed at Blue to “get him!” The gunman began to run but Blue was chasing him into the street and bit the man’s leg. In this desperate act the burglar shot the poor dog in the left shoulder but Blue kept on biting. “I instantly broke down”, said Taylor and Buchanan gave Blue the signal to let the man go.

The police was quick to arrive and the dog was rushed to the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine’s Ryan Veterinary Hospital where the surgery resident Brian Brophy took action. This wasn’t the first gunshot victim he had there and they brought him into surgery. A lobe of Blue’s lung had to be removed and the surgery took about an hour but four days later the dog could return home.

Blue, the Hero

No arrests were made in this case sadly and the family had to take care of a $10,000 surgery but thanks to the Charitable Pet Care Fund of the Ryan Hospital a large part of that cost was covered. To the joy of Taylor and Buchanan the personality of Blue remained the same and they consider the dog to be their son. “If he wasn’t there we probably would have been all shot up” said Buchanan.

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