Dog Kept Waiting For Flight Attendant And Got Adopted By Her

Dog Kept Waiting For Flight Attendant And Got Adopted By Her

The flight attendant Olivia Sievers from Germany often has to fly to Argentina as her work and at the hotel where she was staying she noticed a dog who seemed to by a stray. After a few moments getting to know each other, after giving him something to eat, she went on with her daily business but the next time she got back to that hotel something amazing happened.

An Unexpected Encounter

The dog was still there waiting for her and instantly recognized her so she realized there was more to this dog than just any other stray you might see on the street. Olivia even considered that there was some connection between them and decided they had to stay together.

In an interview she said that she tried to change the route she took since the dog kept following her otherwise. This didn’t seem to work as the dog always found her and seemed to be in real need of some friendship. As Olivia said “he was really happy that somebody gave him attention.”

A Friend Requires A Name

As they were becoming closer acquainted, she thought that the name Rubio would be a suitable one. Since the pavement seemed too cold during nighttime, she offered the dog an airline blanket and then went back to Germany as part of her work.

Love for Olivia

Her next flight to Buenos Aires left her stupefied as she found Rubio right in the same place where she left him, in front of the hotel. Rubio was sometimes fed by the hotel manager but he didn’t offer him the same attention as he did to Olivia. Every time she would return to the hotel the dog was thrilled to see her and she was charmed to be considered so special.

No Real Home

This went on over a period of months, Olivia was growing more fond of Rubio each time they saw one another but the dog didn’t have a proper home. There was a rescue group trying to find some owners for him and eventually did so, but Rubio had other plans.

He escaped from his owners and quickly returned to the hotel where Olivia would be staying. When these events became known by her she decided that this cannot continue like this and she had to come to a really serious decision.


As fate seemed to want to bring them together, Olivia began to make arrangements to legally adopt Rubio. She took him to the vet, filled out the required papers and in the end managed to bring Rubio to Germany into her home.

He really considered her alone to be able to provide the right shelter for him. It wouldn’t be absurd to say that in this case Rubio chose the owner instead of the other way around.

We hope this story can help you understand better how deep can the feelings of a pet be and that they can indeed love too, maybe much more so than we do at times!

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