Dog Paralyzed After Being Kicked Now Has A Job

Dog Paralyzed After Being Kicked Now Has A Job

Butterfly, the English bulldog, definitely didn’t have an easy life so far. But even though many troubles came through her existence she managed to look toward the future and make the most with what she had. Now she has a happy home and a job she really likes.

Jane Wickler, Butterfly’s caretaker is quite an amazing person since she searches for pets that others might consider “unadoptable” and offers them a home. She has several dogs with disabilities and on a Tennessee puppy website she found Butterfly. Since the dog’s back legs have been “splayed out, almost like butterfly wings”, as Wickler explained, she decided to name her butterfly.

Disturbing News At The Vet

When Butterfly arrived in Dubuque, Iowa where Jane Wickler lived, she took the pet to the veterinarian to see what the health problems were and what she found was really awful. As Jane describes it:

“What we actually think happened was, she was just sitting like a dog does, and somebody came up behind her and kicked her with so much force, that it knocked her stomach out of her abdomen to the left side, jammed the vertebrae up and blew the disc. She was having babies like that, with a fresh cesarean when I got there.”

Another thing was that she was paralyzed due to an injured back leg that couldn’t be fixed. The vet looked for solutions and the one they found was a wheelchair’s back section that allowed the dog to move once again.

New Life

As Butterfly got on the new wheelchair she immediately started to explore and move around, showing a lot of energy and proving that her condition was actually quite recent. It is quite amazing to see how much happiness one can bring with a bit of compassion and Marco Sanders, the store manager of PetsMart decided to put Butterfly’s newly found skills to some use.

Sanders thought that a dog greeter in the store can be a good thing and it can inspire visitors to see the responsibility each of us should have to the animals that live among us. Most customers adore her and she brought extra joy into the store at least during the three or four days a week when she is at her post.

We often think a lot less about animals than we do about human beings but a dog can suffer just as much and can also offer as much, if not more, love to those around them. Some visitors suggested that the owner should put Butterfly down but that would be just cruel and mean since her life is currently just as full of beauty as the one that any of us lives.

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