Dog Saved From Being Shot And Buried In The Woods

Dog Saved From Being Shot And Buried In The Woods

An officer from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Chris Lynch did something quite heroic when he saved a poor dog from a miserable fate. He noticed some suspicious activity on a private property and went there to investigate, only to find two men who were going to kill the dog with a gun and then bury her in the woods.

A Disturbing Tale

When Chris Lynch arrived on the scene the two men finished digging a hole next to their vehicle which was obviously meant for the small dog and when they were asked what they were doing they said they went there to bury their dog.

The cardboard box they had with them was actually empty so it was clear that the dog they were talking about was the one who was still alive there. Their motive for this action was simply because the dog was too old.

As the two were trespassing and had a loaded gun with them they realized that the situation they put themselves into wasn’t very smart. The officer told them that a better alternative was to simply take the dog to a shelter and thus they turned over the dog to Chris Lynch.

As the dog wasn’t abused they couldn’t get arrested for that but they did have a loaded .270 rifle so enforcement action was taken for that infraction. Apparently the intent of shooting an animal wasn’t enough to consist a felony but we are glad that the dog managed to get out of the situation unharmed.

The Story of Tunzy

The small dog who is the protagonist of this tale is an eleven year old Shih Tzu called Tunzy and she was brought at the Delta Animal Shelter by Chris Lynch who stated that “he just did the right thing that any officer would have done.” He chose that shelter specifically as they have a no-kill policy for senior pets and thus Tunzy could live to find a more welcoming home there.

A spokesperson from the shelter said “We are thankful the DNR brought her to the safety of the Delta Animal Shelter. There is no justifiable reason to end her life – she probably has a good five years of life left and her health is fine. The community does not accept what was going to happen, nor any other forms of abuse of an animal.”

The Delta Animal Shelter promote their pets on Facebook and they also put her up for adoption on their page so check that out if you are interested as they have many pets who went through a lot of troubles and looking for a caring home.

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