Dog Saves His Human’s Life by Getting Help

Dog Saves His Human’s Life by Getting Help

Oso, the faithful golden labrador of Larry Robinson managed to show us just how intelligent and useful an animal companion can be when he saved the life of his human caretaker. Robinson was tired but had to drive a long distance. The disaster struck when he fell asleep at the wheel of his truck and crashed.

Oso realized that Robinson was in serious trouble and decided to seek help so he took off and went to the store that was nearby. Instead of trying to help the human himself, a feat that the dog knew wouldn’t help much; he chose the more useful alternative.

The store had Bonnie Widder waiting in the car for her husband and since it was very chilly outside during that night she worried for the dog. She and her husband went in search of Oso to offer some shelter to him for the night. “It was really, really cold out that night. When my husband came back outside, I asked if he had seen the dog. I didn’t want to take off and just leave it there in the cold.”

Going to search for the dog, who was shaking and looking really frightened, they soon realized that the dog was actually drawing them to a specific place and they found a truck upside down in the field that was spanning next to the street. Larry Robinson was unconscious and was bleeding in the snow so the couple tried to administer the aid they could until the paramedics would arrive. They dialed 911 and tended to the severe wounds.

The fence post was just a foot away from Larry’s head and according to the Widders “if he would have hit that, it probably would have been over. My husband held the guy’s head out of the snow. He asked if he was hurt. The guy told him his back hurt a little. We didn’t even know that he was bleeding from his head until we got home.”

Since it was such a remote area where the accident happened and it was a very cold night it is almost certain that if the dog didn’t manage to do the heroic feat of finding some help then Robinson would have died there. It is also quite remarkable to think that the Widder couple thought of offering shelter to the dog in that cold night and without their kind heart the dog’s rescue attempt would probably have been in vain.

In the end the emergency services arrived in time to take care of the serious problems and transport Larry Robinson to the Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital. He made a full recovery after 12 days in the intensive care unit with the ribs broken in 17 places, cracked back, broken pelvis and kidneys bruised but in the end Larry was able to celebrate his 68th birthday with his companion Oso by his side.

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