Dog Shot in the Head Survives and Seeks Family

Dog Shot in the Head Survives and Seeks Family

In Smith County, Tennessee something quite disturbing was discovered when a woman wandering the woods next to the Chestnut Mound community found a stray dogs. The dog looked abandoned and she decided to take him in but, as any good parent should, she brought the dog to a veterinarian first.

A Fortuitous Intervention

The dog KK went to a vet with Tressa Bush, the daughter of the person who found it, and after a simple X-ray scan the discovery was shocking. Apparently, the dog was living with a bullet lodged in the skull that was stuck there for several weeks. This fact along made it a miracle that the dog survived but when you add the fact that he was severely malnourished, the chances were close to none.

As Tressa said: “On January 30, my mother spotted this 5-6 year old stray on her property, curled up at the base of a tree, malnourished and lifeless – and not making a sound. Once she realized he was too weak to walk, she went back to her house and gently dragged the dog up the hill to their home – about 100 feet. They fed and watered him, and somehow, KK made it through the night and the next day I took him to the vet.”

The dog had to be taken to a specialist in Cool Springs afterwards where a CT scan could show the position of the bullet with more accuracy. The lead could travel, so surgery was urgent and the specialist discovered other trauma as well such as several skull fractures and a splintered jaw bone. These injuries are consistent with an auto crash or someone badly beating the poor dog and it is quite depressing to think that someone would do so much harm intentionally to their pet.

Looking For a Home

“We don’t know what he’s gone through. We have no idea how many people may have shot at him, may have kicked him. Somebody didn’t want him, very obviously. But we hope to find somebody who does want him.”

The current caretakers of KK want him to find a family that can provide the poor dog with the much needed love he was denied for such a long time and they also made a fundraiser to help with the costs of the surgery since the medical bill went over $5,000. If you want to know more about the dog you can check out the campaign started by Tressa Bush here.

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