Dog Survives Being Run Over By Three Trains

Dog Survives Being Run Over By Three Trains

Charlie Puccini has a cute name but his life certainly wasn’t very easy going and we are here to present one of the most amazing survival stories. The beloved family pet escaped from his home in Yarrawarrah, to the south of Sydney, Australia and went through a really terrifying experience.

A Scary Night

On the 22nd of March there was a very big storm in the region and Charlie panicked, running from the backyard and trying to find some place to hide. He ran on the railway tracks connecting the Loftus and Engadine stations and apparently no less than three trains went over him knocking him out but not ending his life.

The owner Ann Paynter expected the dog to be done for but the people at the Sydney Trains and Engadine Veterinary Hospital did all they could to save the poor dog. Mrs. Paynter recalls:

“When he was found he had been knocked out by the undercarriage of a train. It had knocked him flat. Apparently, Charlie was sitting on the tracks and stared down the train as it approached. He probably thought it was a car. He often goes to the park and is used to cars stopping for him as he crosses the road. The train driver sounded the horn but couldn’t stop. The train passed over him and knocked him out. Thinking he had killed him, the train driver was devastated and phoned ahead to Engadine station and a Sydney trains incident named Simon set off in his car down the track to find him. He saw Charlie knocked out on the sleepers between the rails. He watched as two other trains passed over him.”

The dog managed to survive all that though, even if his eyes were bulging and his leg was severely damaged. As the condition was really serious the hospital asked the owners if they want him to struggle or just put him down but after long deliberations they decided that the “wait-and-see attitude” was the best choice.

The Miracle Dog

The doctor’s efforts definitely paid off as the dog seemed to be getting better and he started eating food. It took eight weeks for the dog to make a recovery and everyone was amazed by how well the things went for the poor dog. “Everything was in his favor, the train driver, the incident commander, the veterinary surgeon and the kids”, said Mrs. Paynter.

It is quite stunning to hear a dog survive such a series of events but it also should teach us that perhaps sometimes we take the decision to put a pet down too quickly as even in this desperate case, the miracle of Charlie returning to life happened.

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