Dog Videos For Profit Or Animal Abuse?

Dog Videos For Profit Or Animal Abuse?

It is quite sad to see dog owners taking advantage of their pets for views and although there are so many videos out there that do this, some are really disappointing. This video shows how a skilled dog saves the other from a fast-moving water and this would all be really impressive if we didn’t have the owner to blame for the whole situation.

Fun Or Abuse?

Many comments started from the fact that the owner was the one who throws the stick initially and then stands there to film instead of helping out. Apparently the dog wasn’t in such a dire situation since what followed after that stream of water was just a small pool according to the person filming who also posted a following video with the water.

Rafael Francuilli, the owner of the two dogs said that he takes his dogs there frequently to play and thus was confident that they would know their way around those waters. Sadly the dog was distracted by the task of catching the stick and lost his footing so he slipped into the water. The hero of this film is definitely the rescue dog who was quick to judge the situation and used the stick to pull his friend out of the mess.

A Dog’s Purpose

Another really controversial situation that also seems to have been a dog abuse is the one that happened for a scene of the movie A Dog’s Purpose. A video was leaked in which the trainer forced a German shepherd into a pool of water although the dog was clearly horrified in that moment. That scene made the film a very debated topic and the producers had to find many arguments to appease the angry animal lovers.

They said that they are really devoted to animals and the producer gave a lot of details about the entire situation but they didn’t answer why it took them over an year to release the secretly filmed video if they were so confident that there wasn’t anything wrong in it.

The German shepherd Hercules was thrown into a pool that was trying to simulate very turbulent waters and the film crew was watching as the dog tried desperately to escape. After the dog is finally put into the water he immediately is pulled out and then the video shows a scene in which the current forces the dog’s head under water for several seconds, making the viewers guess what happened next. They speculated that the dog has drowned but fortunately nothing of this sort happened.

With all the bad publicity the producers had to cancel the red carpet premiere and press junket for the film and the cried of protest continued. The director himself said that he didn’t witness the events in the footage but was “very disturbed” by them.

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