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Dog Washing Guide

It is really necessary for your dog to take a bath regularly or you might have trouble standing near your companion. This is the most important part of the grooming process and thus here is our dog washing guide to make sure you are keeping your pet fit.

Where to Bathe the Dog

A simple sink for the laundry or a baby bath is enough for a small dog but for larger ones the process gets a bit more complicated and perhaps your bath tub or the shower is a better fit. Dogs can slip on the wet floor too, so try putting them on some non slip mat when taking them out of the shower.

The temperature of the water has to be warm but not too hot because he might burn and it will make the process much more difficult for the both of you. If it’s a nice summer day then perhaps the outdoors is the best place for the washing.


The thickness of the dog skin is half that of a human and this makes it much more sensitive. For this reason it’s never a good idea to use the same products you are using for your dog.

There are dogs that have dry skin, itches, greasy skin or even frequent skin infections, so you should take these into consideration when choosing the shampoo and the best idea is to ask your vet for advice.

The Checklist

You will need a hose or shower, towels, a bathmat for the pet to put on when drying, shampoo and conditioners, a brush, face washer or some sponge, the hairdryer close by, cotton wool, ear cleaner, nail clippers and some of the pet’s favorite toys or treats to make sure he stays put.

Things to Remember

Always keep a hand on the dog because otherwise they might try to jump from the bath or shake all over and splash everything. Use many treats when doing this for the first few times and massage his body to get him more relaxed.

If he wiggles a lot put some cotton wool in his ears because you don’t want water getting in there and during the washing you should check for any lumps on the dog’s body to make sure everything is ok. The teeth, nails and ears should also be checked but don’t do the entire grooming process all at once if your dog seems too nervous.

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