Eight Foods That You Shouldn’t Feed Your Pet

Most of the pets trust their owner and consider that they should try anything they are given to eat, but there are some things that can harm them. Here are eight foods that you shouldn’t feed your pet along with the details on why they are bad.


There is a chemical (theobromine) that is found in tea and chocolate that is poisonous to cats and dogs if taken in large amounts so keep your pet away from your treats and buy some that are specific for their breed.


Same as with chocolate only it is much worse in this case, so never give your pet a sip of your mug.


The red blood cells in dogs and cats are harmed by this on the long term and this problem extends to the leeks, chives and other plants from the family. The same goes for flowers that grow from bulbs such as lilies or tulips.


They damage the kidney of dogs although it isn’t clear what is the cause, so if someone feeds them to your dog then rush to the vet.

Macadamia Nuts

These also poison dogs, but it’s a mystery why. If they come along with some chocolate and your dog eats that then there is a threat of death, so make sure you keep any you have safe from the reach of your pet!


Actually this is something that is poisonous to us as well, but that doesn’t stop many of us from consuming it. If we get drunk from it, imagine what it does to an animal that is much smaller than an average adult.


The idea is that some species will be fine, but it is quite difficult to determine which ones. This is because you don’t have to consider the species only but also the region where it was grown and combining them with certain ingredients can also make the good ones bad.

The signs of poisoning can show up only after a day or so and some of them can be deadly to your pet, so even if you thought of buying some from the pet store it’s better not to.


Dogs can choke on the large pit when swallowed but that is just a part of the problem. The persin toxin is poisonous to many animals, leading to heart damage, nursing problems and many other issues, so if you like Mexican food just keep it away from your pet.

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