Ending the plight of fearful dogs today!

Written by Jennifer Pitts

One of the saddest factors in this world is the amount of individuals misunderstanding fearful dogs. Many dog owners try to make things better for their dog, but in actual fact they make the fear worse. The majority of us are genuine dog lovers; we’re too kind and empathetic for our own good. This can often cause us to be inadequate pack leaders, which doesn’t help fearful dogs. It’s okay to want your dog to be happy and have lots of freedom, but all dogs need firm boundaries just like children.

What makes fearful dogs?

Dogs do not want the responsibility of pack leadership; it makes them afraid, nervous, and apprehensive, on edge and much more. Dogs cannot handle such pressure; if they’re expected to it can create many problems.

Think for a moment, toddlers are so dependent upon their parents. Little children cannot defend themselves, but they know who will help them. Often children see their parents as gods (until they reach the grand age of 13 years), they just know you’ll take of everything because you’re in charge. This is how dogs feel; imagine a dog as a toddler and you’ll see what they feel like now. All dogs want is to feel safe and secure.

Fearful dogs are unhappy dogs, when they are given unnecessary responsibility; they are unable to handle it, especially in this modern world. Compared to ancient of days, there are now too many strange and weird things going on. Dogs cannot cope, if they’re given needless responsibilities, they’ll eventually snap.

Signs of a fearful dog

A fearful dog doesn’t necessarily display all of the signs below, but the list is very good to distinguish if your dog is suffering or not. I once foster a 7 month puppy who’d been neglected; she suffered with most of these fears to the point of frequently peeing without evening knowing she’d done it. After a few months of rehabilitation, I was able to give her to a very good home; the now owners were very pleased with how calm she’d become.

How to help fearful dogs

fearful dogs

Photo by Jolly Rancher

The key to owning a fearless dog is to first become a loving but firm pack leader, it solves everything. I recommend that you watch a special video that will help with this as opposed to reading about it.

Before watching the video, here are some pointers to help you on your way…

Never push a dog too fast, not only is it unhealthy but they’ll struggle
Family and friends need to ignore your dog when he’s in that fearful mode
You should only pet your dog when he’s calm, otherwise pay no attention
Learn and watch as many videos as you can about being a pack leader, put it into practice

Establishing yourself as a pack leader is paramount with any dog; it’s the cherry on the cake to winning your dog over. If you recognize this, then you’ll be on the right road to success!

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