Portfolio of Some of the World’s Most Enormous Dogs

Written by Jennifer Pitts

Enormous dogs are becoming immensely popular these days around the world, though I rarely see such massive dogs locally ie where I live. Even so, large dogs appear to be showing their faces, especially wolf dogs since they’ve been legalized. Giants that are much larger than the average large dog are appearing more and more so I’ve hand picked some awesome pictures for you, though I’ll be the first to say that all these dogs aren’t mine!

Allow me to open your eyes to the world of enormous dogs. It is generally agreed though that there is no ideal weight or height for such dogs. However, their weight should at least be over 45kg and their heights ought to range between 30 and 42 inches, though these dogs below are much bigger.

If you’re interested in researching more about these beast then check this article out Survival Guide For Giant Dogs.

I once fostered an extra large dog called Abner for 6 months, his height was 45 inches; but even so his height couldn’t compare to these enormous doggies below. One thing I’ve learned about such big dogs is that their size reflects their heart, they are enormously caring, cuddly, gentle, loyal, loving and friendly.

I’ve never known enormous dogs to have an ounce of viciousness in them, but then there’s always that 1% that could prove me wrong, feel free tell me otherwise in the comment section below.

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great dane4

Dave Nasser with George the Great Dane, is said to be the world’s biggest dog. He measures more than 7ft from nose to tail.

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The Komondor from Hungary or sometimes known as the Hungarian Sheepdog. Here he is without the heavy dreadlocks!

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Leonberger is from Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It’s believed that the dog was bred to mimic the “lion on the town’s crest,”.

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huge dog

The lioness I’d say, she doesn’t look impressed, maybe it’s the hair cut! Many owners love the lion look for their dogs.

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Monster Pit Bull

This monster 18 month Pit Pull owned by Lisa Grennan from New Hampshire weighs in at a whooping 80kg.

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Pyrenean Mastiffs

Some Pyrenean Mastiffs are beyond enormous, they were originally bred this size to fight off wolves and bears.

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Saint Bernard

Not the lightest dog to lift or carry, but who wouldn’t want to just love and care for this Saint Bernard, he’s gorgeous?

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Tibetan Mastiff

This Tibetan Mastiff looks more like a lion or is it a bear? Either way, he looks enormously cuddly and friendly.

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big guy

It’s hard to tell what this breed is, but it sure is too huge for that kitchen. I just couldn’t imagine cooking in there with that size dog.

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irish wolfhound

Many suggest this dog is an Irish Wolfhound, but having cared for Wolfodgs and hybrids, I’m betting this is a Wolf Hybrid.

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enormous dog with little dog

This is a kind hairy Leonberger, and well the Chihuahua is loving the ride of his life. As with their size differences so are their characters.

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enormous dog

Gorgeous and enormous Pit Bull, obviously cuddling his best friend the Chihuahua, they look so a piece with one another.

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The biggest Newfoundland ever and one of the most dependable dogs on this plant, they were originally a fishmans dog.

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biggest dog

This picture was taken whilst my sister was driving on the highway Brisbane, AU. He consumed the whole back of the truck.

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Great Dane

An enormous Great Dane with his master or hum let me see maybe it’s the other way round, any votes on that please?

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big big dog

This picture once had a quote to the effect of: ‘Don’t worry about the dog, I’ll take care of him’! Looks like the little lad’s in control.

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Great Dane

This 18th month old Great Dane is 7 feet and 14 inches tall, how did he squeeze into that room let alone stand on the owners bed?

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St. Bernard

St. Bernard dogs were originally bred to work, particularly in snowy mountainous regions where they could rescue avalanche victims.


About the author

Jennifer Pitts

I love pets and I love animals. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and it's not enough for me.


  • Sharon ,I didn’t know pit bulls could be so big.Being the proud papa of a shitzu and shitzu/pug mix I
    enjoyed looking at the big dogs. We used to have airedales and I love that breed.We used to live in the country and had some acres. Airedales need to run and be active,
    If you ever do anything on Airedales please let me know.


    • Marty thx for commenting, Airedales are gorgeous dogs, I will let you know when I do an article on them or you could write one on here if you want to tell the world about your dogs 🙂

  • Wow Sharon this is amazing! I had no idea there were dogs that could grow this big. Obviously they are the 1% in the dog population but its good to see them happy with families that love them instead of being shown off in a circus or something. Thanks for the great pics and nice site

  • Hi Sharon,

    What a great site you got here. Good and informative site.

    I love dogs, but never had one my self.

    I remember my recruiting military period. There I was luckily granted to dog handler course. This is where I learned about what a dog could really do with training. They can tracking smelling with their nose, use their ears to listen and detect people and a lot more. The type of dog I got to train with was a German shepherd. German Shepherd’s are amazing dogs. Very obedient and loyal.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Hello Nam, That’s sad that you don’t own a dog especially after receiving such great training and with a German Shepherd. Sometimes I think life’s commitments can get the better of us.

  • Hi Sharon, your site on big dogs is wonderful. That Irish wolfhound isn’t one! It’s not shaggy enough. The nose indicates there might be some hound in it though. We have some BIG dogs where I live in Tasmania. Two are Bavarian Mountain dogs with wonderfully big feet. Two more are what their owners say are Siberian Mastiffs. Apparently they did a lot of research before getting them (a sister who is blind in one eye and a brother to keep her on track). They found this breed actually lives quite a bit longer than the norm for big dogs. And these two were beautiful too.
    I am looking forward to reading the rest of the site especially the cat parts. We have had a steady stream of rescue cats for years now. The latest Katie is a paper shredding vandal!

  • I grew up with a Giant Schnauzer, what a great dog. She was massive and friendly. That being said she was also very, very protective of the family. If someone new came into the house she would lay down on the floor between my mother and whoever was new in the house. She never bit anyone but I know she could have ripped the arm off of anyone if she wanted too. Thanks for the write up I love all animals.

  • Very Cool Sharon,
    I’ve never met a big dog that scared me at all. Including a few that scared everybody else. I’m much more careful of the small ones though.
    Best Regards !

  • This is a very interesting page! I love the unique animals and the pictures that accompany them. I find very large dogs fascinating and wonderful. I particularly like the Tibetan Mastiff, it looks very majestic. I wonder if you know where these dogs are and if they are available to see and or purchase?

  • Hi Sharon, I’m a huge dog lover – have a 13 years old collie myself and I could talk about dogs for days 🙂 My neighbors used to have a Pyrenean something dog and I looked like a polar bear 🙂 He was the kindest, gentlest and most drooling dog I have ever met 🙂 I think it’s true that bigger dogs are calmer than smaller ones – as long as they have a proper and consistent training and healthy environment to live in.

  • Wow is that 7 foot dog real that is so cool and crazy lol. We just recently got a rescue and he is very cute he is half pug and half dashhound I think they call them daugs. He is 6 weeks old and doesn’t eat as often as I would think he should. i was wondering if you have any advice on what to feed him and how. Thanks

    • I would always feed a dog or any animal in fact with a grain free diet such as 80% meat 20% fruit/veg. I use Applaws to feed my fury friends, I hope that helps thx 🙂

  • I am an animal lover and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed you article! I have a Bouvier des Flanders which is nowhere near the size of these beautiful loves.

  • At the vet place where I work, I’ve only seen two types of giant breeds – Great Danes and Tibetan Mastiff. They are very lovable dog indeed, but unfortunately, they belonged to owners who treat them as a symbol of wealth.

    They paraded them around when they are young and cuddly, but they didn’t realize that such breeds need good environment to thrive.

    These breeds were sent to us for maggot wounds and kidney failure – both of which derived from pet owner negligence. It’s pretty sad that these gentle giants don’t get the kind of treatment they deserve at where I live.

    You not only need money to maintain them, but also offer them a lot of love, that is way bigger than their sizes.

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