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EVO began in 2004 offering the first kibbled grain free pet food. Over ten years ago, grain free was not nearly as popular a dietary staple as the movement is in modern times.  EVO was one of the few to begin the grain free trend and honor the bodies of dogs and their dietary needs.  Beginning the grain free trend is one EVO take pride in and continues to implement in their organization ethos.  Their philosophy stems from the ancestors of modern house dogs, who thrived off a natural and wild diet.

Nourishing the Natural Carnivore

EVO was the first to provide a grain free food boasting protein rich foods, natural to carnivores.  Dogs are evolved from wolves and have survived for an incredible amount of years before becoming domesticated house dogs.  Those dogs that came before them lived, hunted, fed, and slept in mountainous terrain, in all weather aspects, and without any human assistance.  To evolve from such a strong ancestor, the dog remains an evolutionary wonder.

Compared now to the pampered pooch of modern day, it is a miracle the original dog species remined intact and continued to evolve.  Realizing the instinctual need of a dog to eat true food from an animal source, and to eat a diet free from grain, EVO used the very keys to the health quality of the dog to develop their successful line of dog food products.

To paraphrase EVO, wolves do not hunt for grains and by consequence, that which they kill and eat, offer a rich diet of animal proteins and little else. This is why their Turkey and Chicken Formula Large Bites are filled with 82 percent animal ingredients of high quality and 18 percent fruit and vegetables. There is zero potato, gluten or grains added, omitting any unnatural ingredients that your dog’s ancestors wouldn’t have eaten.

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Testing and Monitoring

Like many top brand dog food companies, EVO products go through extensive testing and monitoring throughout their production. This helps to ensure the best health and longevity of your pet.  Quality standards of each batch of food production needs to be measured and compared, and results need to be studied and analyzed for future recipe usages.

Testing and monitoring their food production also gives EVO an opportunity to continue to create better lines of products based upon the success or failures of their previous brands.  Keeping current with trends and health studies will offer EVO the trust needed by pet owners to continue their usage of this product.

The rigidity of production at EVO is unrivaled. Products are subject to considerably more than 100 quality checks throughout manufacturing. The rigorous checks ensure only the highest quality food is produced for your pet. Through multiple tests, each material is checked to ensure that everything is perfect by the time the product reaches the shelf.

EVO does not take for granted the production quality measures in place, or the trust that dog owners place upon them.  Ensuring food safety and honest production will help alleviate any potential concern a dog owner may have in beginning the EVO diet foundation with their pet.

Superior Ingredients

EVO is known for its superior ingredients that are loaded with essential nutrients, meaning your pets need less food to get all the nutrients they require because of its density. Essential nutrients are usually gained primarily through whole and natural foods.  Your dog already has an instinctual craving and need for this type of food and will truly benefit from the essential nutrients found in these ingredients.

EVO brand foods also balance the fats and calories within a diet to give pets all of their needs in a brilliant food.  While humans may tend to avoid fats and calories, dogs need these nutrients for survival.  Dogs mostly depend upon the nutrient of protein, but fats and calories are also needed to build strength and energy and improve their quality of life.

For dogs on an organic diet, increasing fats and calories may be necessary to appropriate balance their nutrition levels.  Your veterinarian will be able to assist you in determining the correct balance for your particular size and breed of dog.

Whole grain in EVO brings vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, fiber and rich protein to the equation. Whole grain differs from regular grain that does not contain much nutrition and can cause allergies and stomach upset.  Many dog foods contain only fragments of the whole grain and thus neglect valuable nutrition.  EVO uses only whole pet food ingredients that are naturally rich.  Whole grain is one of the examples of this philosophy.

No Artificial Additives

There are neither artificial preservatives used nor any additives or colorings added to EVO. Just as humans benefit from an artificial preservative free diet, so do their dogs!  Artificial ingredients and additives are not needed in a truly natural food and from a dog food product line working to ensure the healthy life of their canines.

In the wild, a dog would never eat a food that contains additives and artificial coloring.  In real life, modern dogs should not either!  EVO is a pet food that provides only the finest, natural ingredients that facilitate an optimal nutritional profile for your dog’s body, coat and skin.

Specialty Blends

For smaller dogs, EVO provide all their Large Bites with a smaller equivalent of bite-sized kibble.  Adhering to the size and breed of your dog when determining food is very important.  Certain dogs do well with certain types of foods, and EVO has developed a line with the small sized dog in consideration.

Using the knowledge and experience of creating a line of food for all dogs (and large dogs), EVO was able to design a smaller version, scaled down to meet the needs the more petite canine. The smaller kibble is easier to chew, swallow, and digest, while containing just the right amount of nutrition for your small dog.

Small dogs need strong dietary foundations just as their larger counterparts, and EVO honors this type of dog through their specialty brand.

As we know, the canine family is carnivorous. Dogs need meat sources to survive, even in today’s day of spoiled, pampered pooches.  Even though most dogs live well in loving homes, the need for meat remains unmatched.  Without a strong meat source and protein base, a dog may develop serious health issues and have a higher probability of early death.  Providing a strong meat based diet is important, despite your personal views upon eating meat.

EVO has provided a unique blend of five different red meats called the Red Meat Formula. This blend includes beef, pork, bison, lamb and venison, while pork is hardly a red meat, it is forgivable. Using these blends of meat, EVO brings the natural cravings a dog will be genetically given, and puts them into a premade food for your dog to enjoy-without the trouble of hunting it for himself.

The variety of flavors and textures help to meet the dietary needs and preferences your dog may have, while providing a variety of nutritional balance.

For example, dogs may benefit at different stages of life from different sources of protein like bison or lamb.  Depending upon the age and breed of your dog, you the dog owner should be able to find a meat blend to suit your dog at every stage.

EVO also includes egg, fruit and vegetables in their food blends to provide extra vitamins and minerals to your dog’s diet. While dogs need a strong basis of protein and meat, egg, fruit, and veggies are also an important component. When blended well with other sources of vitamins and minerals, these added ingredients truly round out the diet of your dog and provide a wealth of benefits.  This blend is made with nearly six ounces of animal proteins, making it one of the highest protein content dog foods out there.

The lack of grain or potato, or filler in general, in EVO’s foods enhances the protein concentration of the food, which is incredibly important for the overall health of an active dog. It also makes the food highly absorbable, resulting in maximum protein absorption.

Keeping in mind the importance of developing a dog food based upon their genetically predisposition needs from the ancestors, EVO keeps into account all of their possible food preferences. Although, not traditionally part of a wolf’s diet, EVO also provides a herring and salmon formula for dogs. Despite its departure from red meat and poultry based ingredients, EVO’s herring and salmon formula provides dogs with much needed omega-3 fatty acids for coat and skin health.

Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate also support healthy joints. This can be a particular issue for larger dogs, such as Labradors and German Shepherds, in older age.  Dogs who begin to have joint problems are generally advised to have glucosamine via caplet to help loosen their joints and alleviate inflammation.

Many dogs are resistant to taking capsules, therefore eating food rich in glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate benefits the dog and his owner, by simply removing the step of feeding your dog capsule supplements.

Also beneficial from a herring and salmon formula food is the added benefit of omega 3 fatty acids in the diet.  Sneaking this supplement in with glucosamine, without having to offer a capsule, will allow your dog to have smooth ache-free joints without the hassle of remembering to eat a vitamin.  Omega 3 fatty acids also improve the brain and eye functions, while smoothing skin and fur.  Fish formulas have a great many benefits to your dog and should be considered at every stage of development.

Canned Foods

Finally, EVO also provides two canned gravy dog foods. Some dogs prefer to have a moist, easy to chew and swallow food alternative to kibble.  Some dogs prefer to have their moist food blended with their kibble.

Puppies and senior dogs may benefit the most from the EVO brand canned food due to their age and developmental issues compared to adult dogs without much health risk.  EVO has a formula best suited for your particular dog at whichever stage of life they are in.

The first canned food formula is a chicken and turkey with gravy mixture.  Chicken and turkey together provide a great flavor variety for your pet as well as a large amount of protein.  Adding gravy not only softens the meat and makes the food easier to chew and digest, but also adds a scent and flavor your dog will be unable to resist!  The chicken, turkey, gravy mixture provides a 100% complete and balanced meal for adult dogs.

Chicken is the main ingredient, so your dog is receiving optimal amounts of protein. The main ingredient of a high-quality dog food should always be a meat from an animal source.  EVO is no exception and uses meat as their first pure ingredient in their canned foods.

The second canned food line is a beef recipe, returning to the natural diet of red meat for canines. High quality beef is, again, the main ingredient, which helps to maintain lean muscle mass. Like all of EVO’s products, it contains no potato or other starchy filler.

Finding the Right Product for Your Dog

All EVO products are formulated to meet the high standards of the AAFCO, so you know that your dog is receiving the best possible dietary requirements available on the market.  With the high standards of food quality being met, having a strong reputation, honorable etho system, and millions of happy customers, EVO products are well received and trusted across the board.

One of the most useful aspects of the EVO website is that you can find the right product for your dog by going through the ‘See Beyond the Bag’ button and type in your specific breed of dog. The page will present you with a selection of their products most suited to your pet, again demonstrating their commitment to healthy animals.

Formulating their food according to the standards needed for the variety of dogs on Earth, EVO honors their commitment of serving dogs the highest quality foods beneficial for their particular life stage.

EVO Dog Food Coupons

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EVO Dog Food Reviews

EVO dog food has such a strong following and respectable reputation due to their generations of top notch food products and happy customers.  Various online review sources rank the EVO dog food line the highest rating at five stars.  The line is given the 5 star review due to the purity of their ingredients and the meaningful nutrition base incorporated in their simplistic food recipes.  ‘

Dog owners post happy reviews of this product daily on a variety of online sources and platforms.  The strong love of this food by their dogs gives their owners pride in sharing their recommendations of this product line with other canine lovers and trainers.  Veterinarians recommend this product due to not only the reputation and nutrition, but from their own recommendations and reviews.

EVO Dog Food Recalls

EVO is a wonderful food product using natural ingredients, and like many food manufacturing companies, their products have been recalled.  Using natural food sources and meat is cause for concern in any company due to the high risk of bacteria diseases and germs generating salmonella and other public health concerns.

EVO’s production company is named Nutra, which is a raw food line.  Using raw food in any product opens the possibility for cross contamination within a product branch.

In 2014, EVO had a recall of cat and ferret food, but not dog food.  Of course, if some food has been recalled, other foods may be cause for concern.  However, these foods were recalled due to incorrect information in regards to nutrition levels, not due to contamination or bacteria risk.

In 2013, there was a wide recall of the EVO brand foods due to salmonella, but lessons had been learned and procedures put in place to ensure this outbreak did not resurface.  For the past few years, EVO has been without a recall and remains a safe and natural food to be trusted.

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