Firefighter Smashed Through Iced Pond to Save a Dog

Firefighter Smashed Through Iced Pond to Save a Dog

Emily Andrea Robertson decided to change her normal walking route one day and she chose to go next to the Jamaica Pond of Boston. This simple option led to a dog’s life being saved and the entire dramatic event was also caught on video.

As she recalls: “What a morning. I almost didn’t walk the way I did on the pond but I’m glad I did. I saw Maggie had broken through the ice and her owner, William, was shouting for her. Ran over and took off my boots and prepared to go in if she went under (I know it’s not too deep over there because I’ve been wading there) but the ice broke pretty quickly underfoot so I decided to call 911. The fire department came out and bravely rescued her.”

Many wouldn’t risk their own life to save another but firefighters do this every day. They thought the emergency was for a human being but it didn’t matter in the end. When they assessed the situation a firefighter quickly put his survival suit on and jumped into the freezing cold water.  Sliding over the ice and breaking the chunks that were in his way, he finally reached the frightened Maggie, helped her onto the ice and she went back to shore, probably wanting to catch her breath.

This event took place on the 24th of February 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts and Maggie is currently not in any danger so we have to thank Emily and the emergency department of Boston for this. Stories like this one make us think that there are a lot of good people still out there and perhaps it will inspire you too in trying to help as much as you can those in need around you.

Check out the video of the rescue below!

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