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There are some very good secrets to training your dog, especially when you’re offered free dog training tips. Regardless of whether you’re attempting to educate your dog now or are thinking about it for the future, you can achieve success easily.

Understanding the basics of training such as calling, sit, stay or taming your dogs barking is of equal importance. I would go as far as to say, it’s not about speedy training results, but long lasting development which helps maintain a great bond between both you and your dog.

The process is very simple; it’s all about winning your dog’s heart and mind. Should you fail on this or don’t find it easy to accomplish, then you may find you’ll struggle somewhat. Believe it or not, your dog looks to you to make all the decisions; just like children, they crave loving boundaries.

Examples of free dog training tips

Before you decide to do anything, you might want to watch an amazing video that I believe will help you – see below. It demonstrates the golden rules of development and helps you establish yourself as the pack leader without being forceful.

Should you be struggling with training your dog, then these free dog training tips will position you to success!

Maybe you’ve owned, own or have looked after a free-willed dog; by ‘free-willed’ I mean, they love to do their own thing no matter what you say!

This can be extremely frustrating because they won’t pay attention to you; they’re bent on having their own way no matter what you say. It’s like they suddenly go deaf the moment you speak; actually the terminology for this behaviour is ‘selective hearing’. It’s crucial though that your dog pays attention and does what you ask first time because he could easily put himself at risk.

For whatever reason, occasionally your dog may play ball to your commands, or perhaps more often than not your dog is 99% obedient. It’s important though that your dog is 100% obedient before being let off the lead; he should always be learning and listening to you.

Motivating your dog is a priority and these free dog training tips will help, it’s what he needs to feel loved and accepted; this is the one major key to success. Motivation consists of finding out what your dog enjoys doing, for many dogs it’s playing ball or food. Rewarding your dog with exercise and playing is the best kind; sometimes though treats will make your dog’s experience much more enjoyable.

As you can see, it’s important to discover what makes your dog tick. My dog is lazy (strange for a wolf dog) so exercise definitely doesn’t score 10/10, games and playing would probably score 5/10 because he easily gets bored, but food would score 10/10. Seriously, I can get my dog to do anything for a piece of cheese or a bit of liver etc.

Rewards are an incentive, especially if they love the experience. You will win your dog’s mind, achieve more results, get more tasks completed and training will always be a breeze.

What types of games can you play?

Games or playing can consist of fetching, agility, hunting, swimming or retrieving. Some dogs are naturally geared to be swimmers, retrievers or hunters; some dogs may need coercing somewhat; this could simply mean they need different types of stimulation.

You could take your dog to obedience classes in addition to using these free dog training tips; this can be very rewarding since your dog will meet lots of other dogs and people. Whatever type of game or play you choose to use, it must be enjoyable and rewarding for your pet.

dog games

To reiterate these free dog training tips let’s see in greater depth the types of rewards that can be used.

  • Food – this is a great motivator; more can be read HERE about dog food treats.
  • Affection – 99% of dogs crave love through cuddling, patting and verbal praising.
  • Games and play – you can throw a ball or stick, you can play with tugs – get the instructions HERE or you could play chase.

Your dog will definitely work hard and try even harder if you’re a fair pack leader and trainer. Should you choose not to use food as a motivator, it would be wise to employ affection more frequently; this will always go down well with your dog.

When employing food as a motivator always adhere to these simple free dog training tips:

  • Vary your dog’s food; I always use a variety such as chicken, liver, cheese, lamb – in fact anything that I know my Kaba likes. My dog is odd; he loves cauliflower so I’ve always got some on hand.
  • Avoid giving food rewards with every training session; the last thing you want is an overweight dog.
  • Always make sure your dog’s rewards are a surprise.
  • Never let your dog of his lead unless he can come back when called the first time.
  • Never reward negative behavior.

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