Get Your Hamster to Trust You

get your hamster to trust you
Written by Jennifer Pitts

Hamsters are cute fluffy little creatures and always funny to watch do their hamster tricks, but that’s probably not going to happen in the very beginning of your relationship. While some hamsters are friendly right from the start, others might need a little of getting used to you and other humans around. So you have to find out how to get your hamster to trust you.

You don’t need to teach your hamster to do all kinds of crazy tricks right from the start, but at least you’ll have to be friends with him and be able to pick him up without getting all bitten and squeaked at.

Get Your Hamster To Trust You

The process of taming your hamster involves some tricks and may take up to a few weeks. Whether you’re trying to make him sit on your shoulder, respond to his name or even do a little jump, the next tips will help you tame and train your hamster.

Time is Key to Every Relationship

Even the one with your hamster. Yes, your hamster needs time adjusting to his new home, so if you just bought your new pet friend, make sure you give him enough time to adjust and become comfortable with the surroundings and to all the persons living there.

Usually this occurs after a couple of days. You’ll know that when your little fluffy friend starts eating, drinking and playing in your presence. After that point, your new little friend will be relaxed and comfortable, so you can proceed to the next step.

Get Him Comfortable With Your Voice

Start spending more time around his cage or aquarium and gently talk to him so he can get used to your voice and presence.

One thing to be aware of here is to do that only when your hamster is awake and running around, as he will be mostly asleep and resting during the day. And that’s not a good time for training. As to what to say to him, well, you’ll figure that out. Anything will work.

Use Treats

After he’s more comfortable with your presence, you can start giving him treats from your hand. He will take his time, but after a short while, he’ll come and investigate the food and eat it from your hand. He may be fearful at first, but be patient. After a few days, usually they are comfortable enough to sit in your palm and eat the treat.

After some more time, he’ll feel safe enough with you so that you can hold him in your palm without giving him anything in return.


Once you get your hamster to trust you and he’s comfortable being outside his cage, you can start spending more time with him around playing and teaching him more advanced tricks. Depending on the hamster, that could last quite a while, so take your time.

Go slow at first, keep your training times short and increase them only when you feel that your little friend is comfortable getting to the next level.

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