Getting to grips with the best dog foods

Written by Jennifer Pitts

What are the best dog foods on the market today? Every dog owner asks this question and it is quite a deliberating subject. It is difficult to suggest one particular brand because there are so many quality dog foods.

What dog food you choose is dependent upon your financial circumstances and spare time should you want to feed your dog raw of home cooked foods.

Dry dog food can cost much less than cooked foods and raw foods. Nevertheless, if you are thinking about buying the best dog foods such as the six-star rating dry dog foods similar to Orijen, then making your own raw or cooked food could be better for you financially, especially if you have the time.

All these above choices are extremely good and healthy for your dog. However, only you can determine the advantages and disadvantages.

There are three different categories of best dog foods, these are raw dog food, home cooked foods and a quality dried food.

Best dog foods to feed your dogs

Sometimes you can find these best dog foods in dry dog food, especially six-star rating.  There is nothing wrong in adding the foods below to your dogs dried food.

[table caption=”” width=”600″ ]

,Carrots,*Frozen watermelon,*Chicken
,Green Beans,*Oranges ,Emu
,Kale,Red seedless grapes,*Fish
,Spinach,Strawberries*,Fresh raw bones
,Squash/Pumpkin,,*Fresh road kills


Meat can include liver, heart and kidneys.

*Fruit and vegetables with think skin such as oranges need to be removed and apple core should not be given to dogs. Fish should contain any bones. Meaty bones should always be raw.

Always make it a priority to wash your fruit and vegetables before giving them to your dogs.

There are varying controversies with some fruits such a grapes and apples. Some suggest no skins with the apples, and grapes should not be given to dogs. In my personal opinion regarding best dog foods, a dog can eat grapes and apples without the skin and core.

Watch out! Seeds inside the fruit that are toxic. Whatever fruit you choose to give to your dog, please buy organic, remove the seeds and all thick skins and give sparingly.

Optional foods that can be given to dogs

  • Buttermilk (great for weight gain)
  • Cottage cheese
  • Eggs (whole with shells)
  • Yogurt (cows or goats, natural, live with probiotics)

All raw meat has a risk factor of parasites, especially road kills.

Always keep a careful watch of your dog’s poop for parasites even if you feed your dog dry food.

Never be frightened of nutritional values, as a rule of thumb follow this guideline.

This is a very good ratio for feeding your dog best dog foods:

Best Dog Food

Photo by OnyxDog86

  • 80% meat, sinews, ligaments, fats
  • 10% edible fresh raw bones
  • 5% liver meat
  • 5% all other organ meat
  • Meat is quite high in phosphorus and bones are quite high in calcium. Therefore, when your dog is fed 10% bone with 80% meat, your dog is receiving the exact ratio of phosphorus and calcium.
  • Other food that has a balanced ratio are prey, whole eggs including shells, tripe and fish.
  • The liver should be given in very small amounts, any more and it will become too toxic. Organ meat needs to be 5%, but you can include a little more, but no more than 10%. If you are uncertain which liver meat to use then choose organic beef as it is high in nutrients.
  • Quality liver meat is essential since it is responsible for filtering toxins.
  • Pork can be fed dogs, but in small amounts. Salmon is also fantastic. However, since two meats are prone to parasites freezing for at least two weeks is paramount.
  • It is not wise to just serve your dog muscle meat as it is low in calcium and is too high in phosphorus.

Feeding guidelines are:

  • A puppy up to 4 months needs to be fed 4 meals plus per day.
  • A puppy between 4 months and 6 months needs to be fed at least 3 meals per day.
  • A puppy over 6 months should be fed at least 2 meals per day.
  • Feed 2% to 3% of your dog’s ideal body weight or if you feed your dog 500g of dried, multiply by 2.2 to give you the best guideline.

Additionally, supplementing with vitamins and minerals is also an excellent choice to boost your dogs immune system.

Check out ‘The best dog supplements that work – Dog owners tend to add supplements whether they feed dried, raw or home made. They are a good addition to their food even if you use small amounts. What are the top products for optimal health?

There is no need for additional enzymes because they’re found in your dogs’ stomachs and intestines. Flying Bassetts offer a wide variety of organic supplements at competitive if you are concerned.

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