Heroic Dog Sacrifices Himself to Save a Wedding From a Bomb

Heroic Dog Sacrifices Himself to Save a Wedding From a Bomb

Boko Haram is a radical militant Islamist group which originated in the northeastern side of Nigeria and they have been terrorizing the region for several years now with suicide bombers. One of these teenage individuals would have killed dozens of persons at a wedding if not for the brave dog who fought the bomber.

According to the local police, the dog belonged to a resident in the neighborhood where the event took place. The bomber was a teenage girl and her mission was to get to the ceremony gathering and detonate herself, an act which would have probably killed dozens, adding to the immense number of victims (around 100,000 so far) made by the Boko Haram since their beginning in 2009.

Saved By a Brave Dog

The dog suspected something terribly wrong with the girl and pounced her to try to keep her away from the crowd. As the teenager tried to wriggle herself from the dog’s bite she detonated the explosive she was carrying and the blast killed both of them but saved many others.

Victor Isuku, a Deputy Superintendent of Police in Maiduguri stated that: “Information just received indicate that today around 0733 hours (7:33am), a female suicide bomber with IED strapped to her body, attempted to infiltrate a wedding ceremony in Belbelo community of Jere LGA. She was, however, prevented by a watchdog, so she had to detonate the IED to kill herself and the dog.”

Heroic Dog Sacrifices Himself to Save a Wedding From a Bomb 1

It isn’t certain if the dog had been trained to detect bombs as that is quite rarely the case with civilian dogs in Nigeria but it is obvious now that his intuition was quite correct and the girl was hiding something.

Three other suicide bombers blew themselves up a few hours before at different locations throughout the city in an attempt by Boko Haram to take over the city which is quite important for that region and they were killed in their attacks.

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