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Shopping for dog food can be a daunting task due to the sheer number of different options available. However, if you are concerned about feeding your pet the highest quality ingredients in order to keep him healthy and happy, the Honest Kitchen range may be for you. The company claims that its products will boost your pet’s overall health and allow him to enjoy his lives to the full.

Honest Kitchen believes that there is a positive relationship between eating well and feeling well. If that can be said for humans, it is also true for pets.

The company offers minimally processed whole foods which it claims will put an end to canine health problems linked to unsuitable food. According to Honest Kitchen, 74% of dogs and cats saw an increase in energy levels when they switched to Honest Kitchen foods.
Some of you with high-energy dogs may be thinking that this isn’t exactly what you are looking for from a food! However, it is not just about energy. Honest Kitchen says that its foods help to maintain a healthy body weight, with 53% of dogs tested showing an improvement.
In addition, Honest Kitchen places great stock in the health of a dog’s coat, and even its ears. Pet professionals use the coat as a general measure of overall health, and Honest Kitchen claims that the nutrients contained in its foods improve the appearance of the coat in 74% of dogs tested.

Another concern for dog owners is digestive health. Not only can stomach issues cause discomfort for your pet, it can also lead to gas issues which affect your whole family! Due to the fact that Honest Kitchen uses whole foods with antioxidants and soluble fiber, its dog food can help to get your pet’s digestive system back on track. These ingredients, and the fact that the company does not use cheap fillers, mean that during testing, 75% of digestive conditions were improved after switching to Honest Kitchen foods.

The entire range is made in the United States, with no ingredients sourced from China. None of the foods contain wheat, corn, soy or genetically modified ingredients.

Honest Kitchen says that its food is 100% human grade, and contains neither by-products nor preservatives. The company’s food is dehydrated, which means that each 10 pound box of food will actually make 40 pounds of food. All you have to do is add warm water and a delicious bowl of healthy food will be ready for your pet in minutes.

Honest Kitchen offers a range of whole grain foods which come in a variety of flavors including turkey, beef, chicken & quinoa and duck. Revel chicken flavor is specially formulated for puppies, while Verve is aimed at senior dogs. Other options are available depending on the specific tastes of your dog.

The company also makes grain free foods in similar flavors. Of particular interest to owners of dogs that suffer from allergies, is the Zeal Grain Free Fish Food. Not only are there no sources of gluten, but the use of fish is perfect for pets that do not get along with common sources of proteins such as chicken and beef.

In addition to basic foods, Honest Kitchen also makes a range of supplementary products. First up are Proper Toppers, which add flavor and nutrition to each bowl of standard food. Available in chicken and turkey flavors, these supplements are great for encouraging fussy eaters to tuck into their meals.

Dogs which suffer from sensitivities to multiple foods may enjoy the minimalist food range. Thrive, Brave and Marvel foods are made from only six ingredients, cutting out those foodstuffs which are commonly found to cause problems in canines.

If you prefer to add your own meat or fish to your dog’s bowl, it’s worth considering Honest Kitchen base mixes. Preference and Kindly foods provide a great base for your dog, while allowing you to choose which source of protein you prefer to add.

Like any good dog food company, Honest Kitchen understands that treats are important. There are a number of options to choose from, including Beams dried catfish skins and Nuzzles duck and cherry cookies.

For dogs that suffer particularly bad digestive issues, Honest Kitchen offers dietary supplements. Perfect Form contains a mixture of herbs designed to sooth digestive problems, while Pro Bloom goat’s milk provides digestive enzymes and probiotics.

If you are wary of investing in a large box of a new food that your pet may not enjoy, try the Honest Kitchen samples. You can buy a 1 ounce sample bundle from the company website, or a 2 pound starter box if you want to try a few different options.

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