How Do Rats Benefit Their Owners

how do rats benefit their owners

A rat as a pet might sound like a crazy idea at first if you think that most people see rats as some pesky gross little creatures that can crawl into your living space and wreak havoc on the serenity of your home. But think again because rats benefit their owners.

Though rats are usually seen more as pests rather than pets, the latter is quite a good idea to take into consideration. If you’re not yet convinced of that, keep reading to find out the ways in which rats benefit their owners.

Rats are Smart

Having a rat as a pet can be a super fun experience, as they are very intelligent creatures that can learn new things, such as all sorts of funny tricks their owners like to teach them in amusement. Yes, rats can be trained to do amazing things on command.

Rats are Affectionate and Devoted

Apart from all the reasons rats are bad unwanted creatures, there are some for which rats could be your best friends, such as the fact that they’re caring and loyal and will form a bond with their owners in no time.

They return at least as much affection as it’s given to them and get attached to their home and family very fast, which is also the reason behind their reputation as pests. What’s more, research shows that rats have demonstrated empathy, so they’re more likely to help you – well, in any little way that they can.

Rats don’t Require Special Care

They’re known as some of the toughest animals as they can survive in very harsh environments, so rats will take care of themselves. If you’re to own a rat, there’s not much you need to do besides feeding and playing with him – thing which benefits both of you.

More than that, it’s a hell of a lot easier to travel with a rat than with a dog. Most airlines won’t put restrictions on pets so small, which is a bliss if you and your rat are up for a vacation together.

Rats are Super Clean

While in general the rats are associated with plagues and all sorts of diseases, the truth is that rats are among the cleanest creatures on Earth. Yes, we know it sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s in fact true. Rats are less likely than cats and dogs to catch and transmit diseases and viruses.

They groom themselves more often than the other furry little friend of yours, the cat. Cleaning is their favorite thing to do, spending a lot of their time cleaning themselves, their mates or even us, humans.

As you can probably understand by now, rats are not as bad as most people believe. Sure, when they live in a sewer, they smell bad and can carry diseases, but that will happen with any living being spending enough time in such a place.

Overall, rats benefit their owners and make for amazing pets. Their comic personalities and many qualities are what we’re all looking for in a furry little friend, right?

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