How these dog facts can inspire you!

Understanding the best dog facts and all there is to know can be a minefield. The reward, however, for perusing good knowledge can set you up with a lifetime of success. Some keywords to research would be: which dog breed to choose, what food to buy, nutrition, supplements, training, naming and much more. I could probably add more, but I think you get my point – there’s a lot to learn!

Top dog facts to prevent bad choices!

Accomplishing foundational truths can pay dividends to the learning and understanding process of how you handle your dog. Whether you have a new or older dog, don’t despair. Learn and relearn the best dog facts and throw out misguided information that get you nowhere. The Internet is armored with huge amounts of excellent dog facts, so there’s no excuse to keep running around in the same circle.

To be responsible dog owners, educating and arming ourselves properly is always a good choice. If your mind is loaded with proper truths, you won’t be disappointed in yourself and how you handle issues. You’ll be able to cope with every situations and circumstances no matter what crosses your path.

Buying a puppy the right way

If you’re looking to buy a dog, then you’ll need to buy from the right source. It’s probably crossed most people’s minds regarding ‘how to buy a puppy properly’, thus if this is you please be careful. Indiscriminate dog breeders carelessly over breed and frequently create unstable, temperamental, unhealthy dogs. Often, you won’t realize there’s a problem until your home or have had the dog for a few weeks.

Should you buy a puppy or a rescue? Buying a puppy that hasn’t been pre-owned costs more than a rescue. Puppies can be very hard work, time-consuming and can be quite expensive. Rescue dogs bought from a reputable breeder will save you a hefty price tag. Furthermore, you will save a dog from euthanasia, and you’ll become a re-homing candidate. There are benefits to buying a pre-owned dog from good breeders, most dogs have been trained, they can be good-tempered, there should be a 24/7 helpline, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated.

Choosing a good dog name

Choosing the correct names for your new dog creates the first step to a great relationship and a meaningful bond. There are so many names, but what you name your dog can make a difference; dogs feel the energy of name meanings. There is no point giving your dog a name without an important and proper meaning. Choosing correct dog names with meanings of importance creates the first step to a great relationship and bonding. There is no point giving your companion a name without an important and proper meaning, dogs are sensitive to its energy! Currently, there are lots of dog names with meanings of varying denotations, be sure to choose a name that emphases richness.

Exercising your dogdog tug toys

All dogs require different amounts of walking time per day, and some need other types of exercise. You can exercise your dog in many different ways, if your dog is small it’s easy to tire him out using toys compared to a larger breed who’ll need lots of walking or running time.

When I owned four wolf dogs (three were fostered), they ran on the beach for at least two hours daily, but that was subject to the weather. When it was raining or my schedule was tight, they enjoyed street walking. Now that the three fostered dogs have good homes, I am left with one wolf dog. His name is Kaba, and he has to be the most laziest dog ever. For a wolf dog this is unusual, so I make sure he has at least 30 minutes fun walking time. Wherever I go, whatever I do with Kaba or any other dog, I never seize in teaching and training. Consistency is the key to a well behaved dog, and a tired dog is a happy dog.

Larger breeds require more of your time and energy so before impulsively buying one this size, think twice!. Even though bigger dogs may be what you’ve always yearned to own; caution needs to be addressed before signing that dotted line and committing to them.

Good dog health requires hard work, a lot of money, training, daily walks, supplementation, grooming and eating a nutritionally balance diet. Ask yourself if you can cope with this demand?

The best dog supplements

The best dog supplements aren’t easy to find, and quality appears to be scarce. The nutritional industry for humans and for animals is a multi-billion industry and they all want your money, this is nothing new!  I always give my pets quality supplements, of course, there are other cheaper brands available but these will not be as effective or as good for your dog.  If buying supplements is for something you like the idea of, then keep the supplements as close to food state this way your dog won’t be liable to toxic overload.

Grooming your Dog

Once you have mastered DIY dog grooming, you will never want to go back to a groomer again – period! Not only will this save you money, it could save you time and your relationship with your dog will improve providing you groom with love. Depending upon the breed of your dog, shedding can take place at least three to four times per year.

Dogs cannot escape shedding hair; as a result, they must be groomed. You know when your dog needs grooming, one minutes there’s virtually zero hairs around the house, then suddenly there’s masses of clumps drifting across the floor. If you have wooden flooring like us, it’s more noticeable. It’s important to use quality tools to avoid hair pulling and pain.

Buying the best food for your dog

Your breeder whom you bought your puppy from should have advised you about the right puppy/dog food and how to feed your new companion. I realize though some breeders are unscrupulous, some know very little about food thus they’ll tell you very little! Did you know that some breeders are paid to recommend certain foods which offer little nutritional value?

Puppies need feeding larger quantities than adults, and more frequently. They need to be given the best food, not adult food or anything else. As a result of growing at a rapid rate their diet can be complex. Furthermore, a puppies rate of growth is 20 times quicker than a fully grown adult dog, it’s for these reasons I’ve compiled a breakdown of the best puppy food.

Training your dog

Knowing how to train a dog is actually easier than you’d think. Before embarking on training it’s vital to build a proper relationship with your dog. It is critical to understand the basic principles that make a solid relationship with your dog. Accomplishing foundational truths can pay dividends to the bonding process and how you train your dog successfully.

Initially, when you first buy a new dog, it is very important to build a loving bond, this can take weeks or even months. When ever I foster a new dog, I avoid jumping into too much training. The initial training is mellow, fun and light-hearted but eventually the training will turn into full-on-sessions.

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