How to buy a puppy the right way!

It’s probably crossed most people’s minds regarding ‘how to buy a puppy properly’. We’ve all bought things on a whim and maybe even regretted it, including buying animals! A large number of people who buy a dog usually end up giving it away or hand it over to a rescue center. From here, these dogs become candidates for re-homing. In a happy world, more dogs need to be rescued not more dogs being bred. However, until our government gets their act together we will always be seeing and hearing of neglected dogs.

How to buy a puppy from good breeders

These days, it is not difficult to find dogs ready to be re-homed; in fact, there’s enough for everyone’s home but where is the best place to buy one?

If you know how to buy a puppy correctly, you’d know not to buy from breeding factories, puppy farms and internet shops. Buying a dog out of your local newspaper or an advert in a shop window may not be so bad so long as you know how to buy a puppy properly. I’d like to think there are honest dog owners out there who genuinely have a good reason to give their dog up. This leads me to emphasis that you should never pay premium prices when buying a second-hand dog. Furthermore, walk away if the owner is trying to reclaim financial losses or make huge profits.How to buy a puppy

If you are thinking about buying a dog, be very scrupulous where you buy your companion. There are some extremely indiscriminate dog breeders out there who have carelessly over bred.

Some dogs can become unstable, temperamental, have learning difficulties, may display unpredictable behaviors and could be unhealthy. Often, you won’t realize there’s a problem until you’re home or have had the dog for a few weeks.

Many dog breeders are unaware of the science behind breeding. Some don’t know what they’re selling or understand what they’re encouraging, such breeders aren’t always cheaper either. Furthermore, you will find with unscrupulous breeders, they offer zero support. Once you’ve bought a dog from such a breeder and you find yourself running into problems, who would you turn to?

Many dog behaviors do improve considerably after the age of four to six years; however, could you cope? Furthermore, ask yourself if you can commit to that dog for the next fifteen years. There are of course ways of helping any dog become balanced, dog owners can enjoy an obedient dog whereby he/she can be trusted to be left alone and have good etiquette. For more understanding check out ‘The mysteries of unleashing the best dog behavior‘.

How do dogs become re-homed candidates?

Clearly, out of sheer desperation an owner will reluctantly give up their dog. Most owners give up their dogs for genuine reasons and often it isn’t the their fault. Here are a few examples of how owners give their dog up…

  • Loss of a loved one
  • The owner ends up in hospital because of an accident
  • The owner becomes terminally ill and can no longer look after himself
  • The dog could be violent or aggressive at some point for no apparent reason
  • The dog could literally be hellish
  • In rare cases dog owners make excuses to give their dog up
  • Divorce or separation

Once a dog has been handed over to a shelter, they’ll be altercated a number of days before being euthanized with carbon monoxide. We cannot blame the vet, control centers or shelters for gassing dogs. They usually hate the killing and also want to see something done about this issue. This huge problem is to do with our government’s regulations for allowing back street breeding.

Everyday hundreds of dogs are found roaming our streets. Should you come across a stray, check its collar for ID providing you’re confident it won’t attack. You can then return the dog to its owner; this will prevent the owner receiving a fine. If there’s no ID, contact your local authority and they will inform you what to do.

Moving on about how to buy a puppy from a reputable breeder. Puppies are always sold to a potentially very good owner who should be thoroughly vetted. At this stage the puppy is sold for the full price, lets say $1,000. Some months or years later an unforeseen tragedy occurs and the owner can no longer look after their dog. They call their breeder, the breeder happily collects the dog free of charge to be re-homed. This dog should now cost a fraction of the original price, let’s say $250.  Furthermore, these type of quality breeders should offer free 24/7 assistance for the animals life.

For top tips on how to buy a puppy from dog breeders and what questions to ask go HERE.

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