How to choose the best dog breeds

What is the best dog breed to buy? This question is like waving a magic wand because everyone is different, and we all have contrasting preferences. Furthermore, each dog breed has different a temperament, behavior, personality and their characters vary. Essentially, genetics, socialization and how a dog is raised plays a huge part as to how a dog responds to the world around them.

People often don’t envision a puppy growing into an adult and that one day it’s going to be tall, possibly taller than themselves. Remarkably, while they’re still puppies they’re adored; but once they become big and require a lot of looking after, dogs are then often abandoned.

It’s worthwhile remembering that every dog is unique and not all dogs will fit into your lifestyle. Impulse buying isn’t recommended, since caring for animals are a lot more work than people actually realize. The best dog breeds are not found in a shop or off the Internet. You cannot bond with a dog just by looking at a picture or spending five minutes admiring the dog in a shop.

Choosing the best dog breeds for you

My neighbor bought a dog off the Internet, the dog looked gorgeous and to them it was love at first sight. They did the right thing by contacting the owner to ask questions, and they requested more photos. Remarkably, my neighbor felt a bonding with dog so a deal was struck over the

The only drawback was that he had to travel five hours to collect the dog. No problem here, you might think; but after such a long journey, your 99% compelled to sign the paper otherwise it would have been a waste of journey.

Guess what?

My neighbor brought the dog home despite his gut instinct, but within days he found out the dog was more than a handful, highly strung and super athletic. Consequently, it wasn’t long before he was given away.

The moral of this true story is that the best dog breeds aren’t what you’re attracted to or even feel connected with. My neighbor was imperiously captivated by that dog’s beauty and it cost him more than he bargained. Not forgetting, the unnecessary upheaval for that lovely dog to be transferred to another home.

Buying the best dog breeds requires research and spending time with a dog before you buy. Unless you spend at least a full day with a dog before buying it, then you won’t really know its full character or its submissiveness.

The best dog breeds are those that have a loving character and are submissive, particularly if you have children.
In the majority of cases, once you have bought a dog; you won’t be able to take it back unless you’ve agreed a trial period with the breeder. Good dog breeders should let you spend time with your chosen dog. They should sell you a dog aimed at your lifestyle, and they should always make themselves available 24/7 for the lifetime of the dog. Make sure you experience no lesser service!

Make sure your reasons for buying a dog are with the right motives!

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If you are thinking about buying a dog, be very scrupulous where you buy your companion. There are some extremely indiscriminate dog breeders out there who have carelessly over bred. Some dogs can become unstable, temperamental and unhealthy. Often, you won’t realize there’s a problem until you’re home or had the dog for a few weeks.

Bear in mind, dogs are a financial commitment, and time consuming; however, this is dependent on what the breed was bred for as to how much they’ll cost. Be honest and ask yourself why do you want a dog and for what reasons?

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