How to Find the Right Dog

Just as it is with humans, dogs have different personalities and habits, so before adopting a pet you should ask yourself if their behavior and habits are matching yours. This is a short guide on how to find the right dog for a more satisfying relationship.

The first thing that sets the overall personality is the breed of the dog, but that will only give you some large traits because there are many individual differences. If you are energetic and like to be active then an energetic breed is the right one for you instead of the sedentary ones.

Each individual likes pets for some specific reasons and you should realize what those are in your case, because this is how you know what to look for. The purpose of the dog represents what you expect of the pet and according to your wishes some breeds will probably be much more adapted for the task than others.

Do you want a dog that is cute and quiet or one that could protect your home? Or perhaps you like to go for long runs and want someone to accompany you? All these questions point toward different breeds and asking them will make your life easier.

Depending on the breed, dogs have varying degrees of intelligence and if you like to spend a lot of time with your pet then a smart dog should be better suited for your needs. On the other hand, if the dog is really smart then he will grow bored very quickly and will be more difficult to control if left unchecked, so if you are busy with other tasks pick a dog that is more relaxed.

The new home of the pet should be a guideline on how large the pet should be, but oftentimes smaller breeds are doing just as much damage since they are moving too much. If you live in a small apartment and have a large dog you only need to take him out for regular exercises and he won’t ruin anything after he ran out of energy.

Dogs have different temperaments and this is the central thing that will determine how your relationship will develop. If you prefer to relax at home on the couch or in bed but the dog is always running around asking you to play with him then he will grow bored and start wreaking things, so perhaps a more tranquil pet would have been a better choice.

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