How to train a dog the easy way

Knowing how to train a dog is actually easier than you’d think. Before embarking on training it’s vital to build a proper relationship with your dog. It is critical to understand the basic principles that make a solid relationship with your dog. Accomplishing foundational truths can pay dividends to the bonding process and how you train your dog successfully.

Initially, when you first buy a new dog, it is very important to build a loving bond, this can take weeks or even months. When ever I foster a new dog, I avoid jumping into too much training. The initial training is mellow, fun and light hearted but eventually the training will turn into full-on-sessions.

The first process is bonding and understanding your dogs characteristics, personality, instincts and drive. This can be done by using simple basic commands such as sit, down, up and much more. For further information checkout Become an expert at dog training commands to develop more savvy training tips.

Knowing how to train a dog will ultimately encourage your dog to gain absolute trust and confidence in you.

Let us see how to train a dog …….

 How to train a dog through bonding

After buying your new dog, his trust towards you will take time to develop and vice versa. Some dogs will adhere to your voice immediately and others can take days, months or at worst a couple of years.

Some dogs take longer to train due to previous upbringing or bad training, the challenge is changing you new dogs old thought patterns.

Bonding is Not a One-off Job – it’s a Lifetime Effort!

Knowing how to train a dog through defining boundaries and treat any violation with firmness and fairness.

Treat every correction in love and gentleness with delicious treats, this is called positive reinforcement. For more information on training dogs with treats go to Better dog training treats suggestions.

It is in love you establish good boundaries; without them, it’s unlikely you will bond happily together.

It’s a fact that your dog will test and challenged you; usually it’s defined as stubbornness or resistance.

Some breeds are more prone to this than others such as husky’s and wolf dogs etc. The ultimate goal is respect – a dog can love you but not respect you!

How to train a dog through building a relationship

  • Spend quality time together
  • Take him out for long walks
  • Establish and promote a level of mutual respect, this usually naturallyHow to train a dog
  • Develop a way of communicating to understand each other’s needs
  • Talk to your dog and enjoy fun playtimes together

The bonding process will help your dog become more peaceful, calm and well-balanced.

The first step to knowing how to train a dog is: Love Your Dog and He Will Love You Back!

How your dog learns…

With commitment and consistency, eventually you will be able to train and teach him the various levels of training techniques and clever tricks.

Bare in mind, your dog can learn bad things and good things; it’s up to you what you are willing to tolerate. How to train a dog with different stages are recommended are as below:

  • Demonstrate precisely what you want him to do this can be achieved using the clicker or any other loving means. For more information on using the clicker go to Pro and cons to clicker training for dogs.
  • Practice makes perfect and consistency and continuity are the key. Keep practising the lessons you’ve implemented. Consistency will help your dog retain all the training information and retrain his mind if necessary.
  • Start off with quiet locations to practice your training with your new dog. Environments with fewer distractions are the best in the beginning; slowly build-up to more noisier places but initially keep away from children and other animal, etc.
  • You can eventually test your dogs accuracy. Once your dog can fully comprehend what you’ve taught him, test him in locations with lots of distractions. Eventually, try taking your dog to busy shopping areas and implement some commands. Don’t fret if he doesn’t respond, leave it for another day but keep taking him back to those same locations and then newer busier environments.
  • Follow the rules of the three P’s – patience, persistence, praise and always use yummy treats.
  • Keep on testing until he succeeds – he will!
  • The ultimate phase of how to train your dog is reminiscing with him in that success – let him hear your voice resound with praise!
  • It is very rewarding when you have put all that effort in to your dog so give yourself a treat!

Keep in mind…

  • Never punish your dog even if it takes a hundred times for him to understand your plan.
  • Long suffering and persistence are dog training attributes – your efforts will show your rewards.
  • Reward your dog when he does what you ask and when he’s doing right without being asked. Encouragement works wonders, and it makes a happy dog and a content owner.
  • Knowing how to train a dog with treats is easy when you do it all the time.

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