Insane guide to the best five-star dog food

Here are some great dog food reviews, all these brands are considered five-star rating. Browse through the summaries and checkout each full article that appeals to you. To find out what constitutes five-stars, read this article ‘Consumer guidelines: Complete 5 star dog food review‘.

The finest dog food reviews

Paw Naturaw Organic dog food reviews

Paw Naturaw Organic is certified raw. This company offers a variety of meals, which are considered complete, balanced and non-toxic. Their foods are delicious and there is quite a lot a selection. It is definitely top of the range human-grade and with ingredients that are beneficial. You will find no grains or cereal in this product. This brand’s quality surpasses the AAFCO to give you peace of mind and guaranteeing you excellence. If this food is within your budget, your dog will love it.

Barf dog food reviews

There are Barf UK and a Barf USA, choose which is appropriate for you. BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, which basically means according to BARF it’s more suitable for a dog than commercially dried foods. Barf is not a new concept, dogs ate raw until late 1930’s. From the mid 1900’s we saw a rise in commercial and processed dry dog foods. People began switching to the convenience foods and so the BARF diet for dogs became unpopular.

Wysong dog food reviewsWysong raw dog food called Artchetype has a variety of tasty options. Strictly speaking it isn’t raw, but it is considered raw because of Wysongs patented heating process. Wysong use a method called TNT (True-Non-Thermal) which means the food has been cooked at very low temperatures to keep all the vital nutrients intact. The Artchetype contains high-protein content unlike the Artchetype Buffet which contains 29%.

Orijen dog food reviewsDog food reviews about Orijen are always outstanding. Without a doubt this is one of the best dry dog foods available; all their formulas offer the highest quality ingredients with nothing toxic. Even though the first ingredient has fresh meat, which could appear a let down; however, the extensive amount of a named ‘meal’ is very high; therefore, making up for its loss. Orijen’s fish dog food range is ethoxyquin free.

Applaws dog food reviewsDog food reviews about Applaws are always very good, you can’t go wrong with with brand. A variety of Applaws can now be bought in the UK and various other countries. Their full selection however is limited to USA. They claim their dried food contains 75% meat and 25% vegetables. Applaws declare their food is vary close to its natural state; therefore, professing it’s 100% natural, complete and balanced. Applaws brand is naturally hypoallergenic and free of toxicity.

Acana are excellent, this company won’t let you down. Acana can now be bought in the UK and various other countries. This company appears to offer a balanced, complete and quality food. Their foods are tasty and there is plenty of flavors to choose. Their food includes free-range meat, freshly caught fish, first class eggs, little grains, fruit and vegetables, and quality herbs which all aid to a healthy immune system. Acana’s food is toxic free, and more than fulfills the AAFCO standard.

Blue Buffalo are a very good company and their selection of foods is huge. This company uses the finest of ingredients; they really care for your animal and they don’t want to hear of your dog to become sick because of them. They also promise natural, quality non-toxic ingredients. Blue Buffalo’s dog food includes a variety of foods, including whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Their food is heat protected to preserve its naturalness.

Timberwolf dog food reviewsTimberwolf are also a very good company. This brand offers top quality dry food with a high standard, they are an example to many commercial dog food manufactures. Timberwolf has plenty of ‘named’ meat, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Timberwolf’s foods are bagged in oxygenated-barrier packaging, this retains the natural moisture of their foods. Their dog food is localized from high-quality sources; you are guaranteed a complete, balanced and excellent merchandise.

EVO dog food offers a very high quality balanced dry food. Even though their first ingredient is fresh meat the following ingredients do contain named meat meal and there are no controversial foods added to their ingredient list. Evo isn’t as popular to buy due to cost – nnothing more! EVOs food is grain free, low carbohydrate and loaded with protein, they claim it is 100% natural.


Amicus is a fabulous food, although the first ingredient is fresh meat which could appear a letdown. However, the second ingredient is ‘named’ meat meal, which makes up for any water loss during drying. Amicus’ drying process is slow and low heat to retain all nutrients. This food has everything needed for a growing or ageing dog. Their food is grain free, their meat is human grade and they use farm fresh eggs.


Annamaet offers three grain-free formulas these are Salcha, Aqualuk and Manitok. These are top class and offer a superb, complete and balanced formula. All their foods meet the AFCO. Annamaets fish ranges are ethoxyquin free and most of their meat is human-grade. There is one let down, this is the canola oil, this has varying controversies, some other omega would have been a better choice.


Instinct is a quality non-toxic dog food offering ample ‘named’ meat meals as primary ingredients; hence, it offers an excellent protein percentage. It does contain two minor let downs, which are canola oil and tomato pomace, otherwise this is an exceptional formula. Instincts ranges are gluten and grain free, amazingly digestible, nutritionally dense and are complete and balanced for a healthy dog.


Merrick reviews are usually around 4 to 5 stars. Merrick produce some of the finest foods. They cureently offer 10 varieties of dry dog food. Merrick also has a superior canned range. Merrick offers a Classic Range, Grain-Free and Whole Earth Farms with many different tasty varieties. The classic has plenty of ‘named’ meat meals; however, the first ingredient is weighed from raw. This could appear to be a let-down, but the quantity of ‘meal’ make up for it – go with Whole Earth.

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