Is cheap dog food the perfect formula?

Cheap dog food is not healthy for our dogs, and it is virtually impossible for them to remain in top condition if they continuously eat it. There are a minority of dogs who live long lives eating cheap dog foods. However, it is a gamble with your dog’s health, and often you will never know of its consequences until it is too late.

Foods that are cheap often include fillers, this can be studied more in-depth at ‘Best cheap dog food – Believe it at your own risk!‘.

Expensive or cheap dog food?

Many owners only consider the price as a guide to what they buy. Some do not consider if it’s unhealthy or not. Sometimes we think if a brand is expensive, then surely it must be every good for us or our dogs. Research tell us, this is not true. It is possible to pick up a relatively good priced bag of dried food with quality ingredients. The key is to always check the ingredients on the bag and compare.

Never be fooled by brand prices, some cheap dog foods can be as pricey as top quality brands. If you choose to feed your dog with quality food, you will find the rewards are great and your dog will definitely feel the benefits. If us humans ate by-products and cereal every day, it wouldn’t be long before we’re in the hospital.

Always understand manufacturers label meanings before you buy. I am aware of a few dog food brands that can only be bought on prescription; yet their first ingredient is cereal or by-products. Yuk, could you eat that every day and feel good, I know I wouldn’t?

For more information on ingredients check out: Dog Food Ingredients Debunked – This will expose everything you have always wanted to know about the meaning of ingredients.Cheap Dog Food

If you’re considering cooking your own dog food, you will have peace of mind that it is not cheap dog food and that there are no nasty’s included.

It is easy to cook homemade dog food or even prepare some raw food. For more information check out these facts:

Whatever dog food you choose, it should primarily fit into your budget and your dog needs to like it. However, nothing comes close to homemade cooking, raw dog food or quality dry dog food. Take a look at Getting to Grips With the Best Dog Foods.

Not all is as it appears in food

There are many dog foods on the market, and although most are admirable, some contain too much rice, corn/maize, by-products etc. Sometimes these two foods can be the primary ingredient when in fact they should be minimum or even zero. Rice is not a bad ingredient so long as it is brown, this is because brown rice contains the hull – check the labels!

When you start searching for dog food within the four-star categories, you will undoubtedly encounter grains. If there is more than 26% of grains or rice, then it should be avoided, this is because it becomes a filler in higher percentages.

Imagine your dinner plate piled high in rice with only two small pieces of chicken. How long would you stay healthy eating this every day? Better still, search for a company that omits grains completely, but these are usually in the five-star ranges and will probably cost a lot more.

There are a growing number of companies that are selling dog foods and advertising them as natural or premium. It is very important to observe what foods you are buying, as most dog foods are incomplete, far from natural or premium in our humble opinion. This word ‘natural’ or ‘premium’ has become an euphemism, this is to convince you it’s top quality – no questions asked!

Did you know some organic dog foods contain cheap dog food and other unnatural ingredients? None of which help dog’s grow strong and fit. Find out for yourself and take a look at this intriguing question Clarifying organic dog food myths

Dried foods are not considered in their natural state. The closest to natural is dehydrated, raw and homemade. I’m not insinuating that dry foods are wrong, there some excellent dried foods, especially if they’ve been dehydrated or have been gently heated at low temperatures.

Some excellent do food brands you might want to consider are Orijen, Paw Naturaw Organic and Wysong Archetype.

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