Key benefits of Acana dog food – the complete review

Acana dog food is a Canadian product and is sold in over 50 countries worldwide. Many countries are limited to quality brands, so being able to buy Acana globally is good news for many dog owners. Acana select only the finest of ingredients; their food is an extremely high quality and impressive dry dog food.

Although this range is expensive, it isn’t as costly as other superior brands. Acana is definitely worth the investment if you’re looking to keep your dog in top-top condition.

Acana has never been recalled, unlike some other top commercial brands. Furthermore, you’ll not find anything toxic in their food that will harm your dog; in actual fact this food is fit for human consumption.

Acana dog food quality

Acana dog food offers an array of exceptionally good quality ranges for a variety of sized dogs. Their current packages are available in 340g, 2.27kg, 6.8 kg and 13.0kg.

Acana offers a beautiful selection, their ranges are grain and cereal free, which is often used as a filler in some brands.Acana-dog-food

Another good point about Acana dog food ranges is that their meat has never been frozen. Frozen meat is usually a sign that meat has been imported from low cost countries such as China.

Acana’s ranges contain at least three different types of regional meats, and four of the primary ingredients are now meat with the first ingredient being fresh meat.

The Duck and Bartlett Pear and the Lamb and Okanagan Apple range contain lower meat content. However, all other ranges are 60% protein which includes meat and eggs.

There are no protein fillers and carbohydrates are low. Although Acana’s foods are grain free, their puppy range contains steel-cut oats, which is considered extremely nutritional. They also include 40% fruit and vegetables, and their fats and meats are named.

Acana includes healthy botanicals, this making their whole-range complete and truly balanced.

Acana is not as expensive as Orijen dog food; therefore, it has a greater advantage over some of the more costly brands.

I advocate this brand as it is a superior quality for the price.

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