Key benefits of Evo dog food – the complete review

Natura manufactured Evo dog food and was founded in 1992 in California, since then this company has gone from strength to strength. Natura was dissatisfied with the many commercial dog foods on the market which offered little or no nutritional value. It is for this reason, Natura created the Evo, California Natural, Innova and Mother Nature brands.

Today, Evo produces one of the finest pet foods. They work alongside professionals, vets, dog breeders and nutritionists to ensure your dog simply consumes the best.

They understand that your dog should eat whole foods to build a healthy immune system. Natura believes and rightly so; that, the richer, unaltered and denser the food is the more wholesome the food.

When dog food is top quality, you’ll notice your dog requires less to eat. All Evo’s ranges are a complete and nutritionally balanced food with ranges specifically chosen for each dogs’ needs.

There is nothing toxic in Evo’s dog food or their canned range. Throughout their manufacturing process, their foods and all their raw materials receive over 100 checks. These measures guarantee their food-lines remain the highest quality and safest.

An additional bonus, is that their ranges exclude ethoxyguin and BHA/BHT and plant protein enhancers which commonly cause allergies. All their foods are from quality sources, which also increases the vitamin and mineral content.

A healthy dog is a vitalized dog!

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Evo dog food quality

Evo dog food offers an array of exceptionally good quality ranges for a variety of sized dogs. Their packages are currently available in 20 oz. (567 g) stay-fresh pouches, 2.2 lb. (1 kg), 6.6 lb. (3 kg), 13.2 lb. (6 kg), and 28.6 lb. (13 kg) bags.Evo dog food

Evo offers less selection; their aim is not to supply basics or mid-range products, but only five-star rating products.

Evo is grain free dog food; their protein levels are very high. The rest of their ingredients consists of fruit and vegetables along with added vitamins, minerals and natural preservatives. Checkout Dog food ingredients debunked for peace of mind.

The primary ingredients are a selection of two meats, which are assumed to be raw, ‘named’ meat meal is better.

When fresh meat has been dried it looses 80% water, this could make the protein value much less than stated on the label. You will notice there are ‘named’ meat meals within this product, but they aren’t the first ingredient.

Once Evo dog food has been dried, they add probiotics to encourage good digestion and a healthy immune system.

There is only one disadvantage to Evo dog food, they do not sell a puppy range.

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