Key benefits of Innova dog food – the complete review

Written by Jennifer Pitts

Innova dog food deserves a four-star for most of their ranges. Innova gives us doggy owners peace of mind knowing their ranges meet the AAFCO. Furthermore, some formulas are grain free and contain good protein content.

Innova is manufactured by Natura Pet Products and has been established since 1992. Their quest was to produce the finest of foods for our animals that wouldn’t involve toxic ingredients.

Natura produces other brands as well; these are California Natural, Healthwise, Mother Nature dog biscuits, Karma Organic and Evo dog food.

The company Natura has strict guidelines in testing their food; they regularly take swab samples, and their new packaging prevents mold growth.

These severe measures guarantee their dog food remains the highest in quality and the safest for your dog to eat. In addition, there are no ethoxyguin, BHA/BHT or any plant protein enhancers, which is said to be responsible for dog food allergies.

Innova’s customer reviews are positive and their range is considered a complete and balanced food with excellent soured foods and with outstanding nutritional value. Innova is an average price line; their dog food costs much less than other top brands.

Innova dog food quality

Innova dog food offers an array of exceptionally good quality ranges for a variety of sized dogs. Their packages are currently available in available in 26oz., 2.2 lb., 4 lb., 5 lb., 6 lb., 10 lb.,12 lb., 15 lb., 25 lb.and 30 lb. packages.

One disappointing aspect of Innova dog food is that they don’t state the percentages of each dog food ingredient. You can’t fully know how much rice or oats, etc., are in their kibble.

innova dog foodMost of their range begins with two different kinds of fresh meats. This would appear good for most people; however, it is far from being the best, especially with two meat varieties.

The majority of companies usually only have one fresh meat, ‘named’ meat meal would have better as a first ingredient or at the very least as a second ingredient.

The meat is weighed from fresh; hence, the protein calculation on the label looks high. In contrast, once the meat has been dried it shrinks and loses nearly 80% of water. As the saying goes ‘looks can be deceiving’, in this case they certainly are, you’re not buying that high meat content as you thought!

Named meat meal is by far the best; as a result, if the label states 75% chicken meat meal, it will certainly have that percentage.

Their ranges also contain a lot of rice and other grains albeit from excellent sources.

One ingredient that stands out in their range is the peas. This is a decent source of fiber and protein, as a result it is a good constituent for supplying the whole range of amino acids. However, because it is high in protein, the meat is not supplying all the protein. Although an excellent choice of food, peas are something to be aware of due to them being protein enhancers.

An additional controversial ingredient is flaxseeds. This can unbalance the hormones by increasing oestrogen levels. Some humans and animals can consume it with no issues, but it is a chance you take since a dog can’t talk to you.

TIP: Add chia seeds to your dog’s food instead of flaxseeds. I believe chia seeds would have definitely been a better option for most commercial dog foods as opposed to flax.

Innova dog food is above average for the majority of their ranges. However, a couple of their ranges deserve only three-stars due to having less meat and protein.

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